April 17, 2024

GLAMOUR columnist Bambi Does Beauty shares her go-to conscious beauty brands

Nowadays, the beauty landscape is a little (or a lot) different. the market has progressed in its conscious choices, undoubtedly driven by today’s consumer who want to know if the brands they’re spending their buck on are actually doing any good to our planet.

Rewind to 2006, I’d just left school and when it came to beauty, all that really mattered to me was how straight my straighteners made my hair, how much coverage my foundation gave and how easily my tweezers plucked my eyebrows into tadpoles.

Back then, all La Mer needed to do to sell a pot of cream was receive an endorsement from the likes of J-Lo (yes, she uses it all over her whole body apparently! ). In today’s climate, for a beauty brand to have any credible place in the market, they have to be doing something towards being conscious. Whether it be using cruelty-free ingredients, sustainable packaging, or making charitable efforts in support of conservation projects – every brand has an angle.

As a beauty blogger, I’ve noticed an overwhelming change in the way beauty brands market their products in the past year even. From minimal waste no frills PR mailouts to press trips that focus not on their product’s results, but what they are doing as a brand to be conscious. Beauty brands with any understanding of today’s consumer will know that they must transcend beauty, and develop a brand that does good on this earth (or at least doesn’t do bad! ).

Here’s a rundown of brands that have really struck me as having their finger on the pulse of conscious beauty.

La Mer

Now this brand probably shocked me the most. I had formed somewhat of a relationship with La Mer before embarking on a 2 night press trip to the beaches of Devon, but I had NO IDEA how truly three dimensional this brand really is, and what they do for our planet. The trip was in celebration of their Blue Heart Oceans Fund (est 2017) and as the ocean is part of La Mer’s DNA, it makes total sense for that to be their remit of consciousness.

We spent time cleaning up beaches with Gen-Z children from the local community (who by the way, know their stuff when it comes to being conscious of our environment more than any millennial could attempt! ) and I left with only two words emblazoned into my mind… “next generation”. La Mer is unbelievably committed to raising awareness amongst our next generation on the protection of our ocean’s and keeping our shores plastic-free.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone has a very special place in my heart. Before I started blogging, I used to ask for one of their renowned home candles for Christmas and birthdays, the fact I get sent them now just blows my mind and never fails to put a smile on my face when I see that cream and black box. The latest mail out was something unexpected however… it was the latest launch from their charity candle collection, Lily of the Valley + Ivy.

Donations equal to 75% of the retail price of this collection go towards mental health charities that provide support, raise awareness and stamp out stigmas. Jo Malone, just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more…

Neal’s Yard

My first-ever press trip was a visit to the Neal’s Yard eco-factory in Dorset. It was an unbelievable eye opener in how such a hugely successful brand can keep some of their botanicals homegrown, packages hand packed and formulas handcrafted. It would be fair to say Neal’s Yard were pioneers in the realms of conscious beauty; before it became commonplace, Neal’s Yard were doing it.

The factory itself doesn’t even feel like a factory, from the outside the building is solar panelled for renewable energy whilst inside has that cool open plan feel akin to a cosmopolitan central London ad agency. I left that visit feeling that Neal’s Yard has humanism at its core, helping local communities across the globe with one third of their donations supporting their supply chain growers and farmers.


Aveda really has this conscious beauty thing nailed, and not only that – they’re always my first choice when it comes to haircare. Results-driven products (if you haven’t tried their Cherry Blossom range yet…add to cart! ).

They are dedicated to giving back to the planet, partnering with the Charity Water, every purchase of their limited edition Shampure hand + body wash gives clean water to one person. It’s not just their charitable efforts they have down though, Aveda is the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET.

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