Girl’s epic makeup review after car crash ends in people sharing bloody selfies

Meet Boston native Shelby Pagan. Roughly nine months ago, Shelby (who just happens to be one of our all-time favorite Chivettes) was involved in a car accident – one she has since fully recovered from.

However, while she was in the ER, Shelby snapped a photo of her face for both her mother and the police. “I took a selfie after my accident to send to my mother who was worried and in case police would need it for evidence in the future.”

Once she returned home, she shared the photo on her social media accounts. While people were obviously overjoyed that she was alright, no one could seem to believe her makeup looked so good after such a traumatic event. Specifically, her eyeliner.

Shelby’s review was eventually found by an interested shopper, who took to Twitter to share how impressed she was with both Shelby and the review.Wanting to confirm just how well the makeup works, several other women who were involved in car wrecks Tweeted their similar experience.

Via InstagramWe’re glad you’re okay, Shelby!

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