Girls are sunbathing topless to cope with uncertainty, but risk their health at the same time

A few years ago a group of activists from Sweden began an active struggle for the right to appear on the beach without the top of the swimsuit. Soon the idea was picked up by the Americans: why men who took off a T-shirt in a public place are not blamed? They ask. 

Our girls also do not lag behind – periodically on the beaches of the city and beyond, you can stumble upon ladies of all sizes and suits, sunbathing without a top. Why do girls sunbathe topless, what others think about it and how it affects women’s health, SHE correspondents learned.

I call you

The founders of feminism would clap their hands like children – their followers demand to stop “breast” discrimination: they also want to throw off their t-shirts when it’s hot or when the favorite team scored a goal. Local ladies, unlike foreign women, removing a bra, women think little about their rights – they are more concerned with the absence of white strips on the body. The overwhelming majority say that they are sunbathing without a top just because they want to achieve an even tan.

Sexologist Igor transverse doubts that the case is limited to sunburn. In his view, a woman exposing her body for show, defies others: “Of course, it thus attracts the attention of men, but often behind this lies the desire to overcome their insecurities, internal barriers. This can be compared with when a beautiful, well-groomed girl, smelling of expensive perfume, opens her mouth and from there pours mate. By this she compensates for her uncertainty, wants to prove that she is self-confident and can afford everything, any behavior. ”

Children are watching

The society responds to the challenge of half-naked girls in different ways. Some men take the opportunity to shamelessly gaze at the sunbathers or get to know each other, others are negative about such attacks, especially if this woman has left the childbearing age for a long time. The reaction of women, as a rule, is negative – they perceive it as shame and debauchery.

“Men condemn women sunbathing topless, for the same reason, why they were once burned on the bonfires beautiful and free: it’s anger from the impossibility of possessing such a woman, touching her – Igor Pereperchny explains the negative reaction. – If such behavior is condemned by a woman, then, most likely, she simply feels competition for male attention, envy.

The last argument in this case is a nod towards the children, who often do not pay attention to how people are dressed, and only occasionally note that “aunt without a swimsuit”. According to the sexologist, a normal child who knows what a naked body is, such aunt will not cause trauma: “From the age of 3-5 the child needs to be prepared for such things, he must understand what a naked body is. Otherwise, if you see a naked body, especially a mother or father, a child can get a psychological trauma, especially if he has an unstable psyche. ”

Topless and health

If someone else’s psyche remains normal, then the lover’s own physical health can sunbathe suffer. True, the experts interviewed by us did not come to a common opinion. According to Lyubov Cherdakova, mammologist at the Biovar Center, there is no special effect on the tan of the breast: “The human body is a single whole, we can not decompose it into shelves and separate the breast from other parts of the body. Sunburn affects the chest just like any other part of the body, just the skin here is more tender and thin, it grows old faster, dries from excessive pastime in the sun. ” Yevgenia Ladunova, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Avanta-med center, says more categorically, according to the doctor, only a girl under 25 can afford to sunbathe without a top, after this age such sunburn is contraindicated.

“Sunburn topless certainly has a negative effect on the mammary glands. Ultraviolet and infrared rays affect the condition of the mammary glands, skin, overheating increases the risk of diffuse processes that can flow into the nodular, which, in turn, are subject to prompt intervention, “warns Mrs. Ladunova. Absolute contraindication, in her opinion, is the nodular form of mastopathy, pregnancy and lactation period, skin papillomatosis.

All other recommendations are reduced to known warnings: sunbathing in the morning and evening hours, use protective equipment and take breaks every 30 minutes. “Sunbathing without a top can be as much as with a closed chest, everything should be in moderation: the recommendations are absolutely the same as with a general tan. It is advisable not to sunbathe specially lying, tanning will be more beautiful and useful if you get it in motion, “Lyubov Cherdakova believes.

As for tanning in a solarium, experts say that it is more active because the source of ultraviolet is in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the timely replacement of lamps is important: “Lamps in the solarium can only provide a safe UV light for a certain number of hours, after which they must be replaced. As a rule, it is impossible to check the quality of lamps,

Some opponents of white stripes use stikini not only in the solarium, but also on the beach. They do this, of course, not in vain – the skin of the nipples is indeed more delicate and sensitive, but they can not protect the stikini’s breast. The most interesting is that the swimsuit can not cope with this task. According to Eugenia Ladunova, the tissue will protect the breast from the influence of ultraviolet radiation, but not from overheating, which is especially dangerous for the mammary glands. To reduce harm, the gynecologist recommends choosing swimsuits from light fabrics – they reflect light.

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