GIFs that kept GIF-ing all damn week 19

There are many clever ways inconspicuously sneak some booze into some place where they’d rather you didn’t, but the Sunscreen Flask is among the best. Who’s gonna hassle you for trying to wear some sunscreen? No one.

With theCHIVE being the premier destination for the freshest content that falls under the “Humor, Hotness Humanity” blanket, it’s no surprise that iCHIVE is just as awesome. Your submits keep pouring in, and it fuels our fire and helps us keep things fresh. GIFs are no exception. Here is definitive proof that you guys know exactly the kind of shit we dig.

So – If you’ve got an upcoming sporting event, river trip, company outing or literally anything that requires you to be outside, we’ve got your back. Check out our ‘Sunscreen Flask,’ available right here!

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