May 24, 2024

Ghost bangs will up your hair’s cool factor this summer

Bangs used to be cut straight across, ending in an obvious blunt line above the temples. If that skews old-fashioned for you, then you need to have ‘ghost bangs’ on your radar.

A cut that Instagram’s It-girls are currently loving, it marries face-flattering lengths with ends that blend invisibly into the rest of your hair (hence the name).

So what exactly are ghost bangs? There are plenty of iterations floating around on the Internet. However, the premise is similar to that of ghost layers, where lightweight layers are woven through the lengths of the hair to softly increase volume and movement.

What puts the ‘ghost’ into bangs is that you shouldn’t able to see where your fringe ends and the side pieces start.

“Ghost bangs refer to a seamless invisible fringe that gently blends into the hair,» says hairstylist Jason Collier. “Its versatile cut allows the fringe to shape shift, whether it’s a brow-framing micro cut or a long grown-out version. ”

In other words, if see-through bangs and curtain bangs got together and had a lovechild, it would look a lot like ghost bangs thanks to the less defined flicked-out ends and a few delicate pieces above the brow.

In terms of cut, Jason advises asking for a “shorter centre point that gently melts into the rest of your hair while framing and highlighting your cheekbones. »

He also notes that while ghost bangs may look effortless, they are in fact pretty high-maintenance. “The shape actually grows out very quickly so be prepared to visited the hairdresser every few weeks for a refresh,” he adds.

Celeb-wise, mood boards for the look feature Bebe Rexha, Zendaya and Jenna Ortega before her cub cut era.

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