April 20, 2024

Getting Through a Dry Spell – Dry/Brittle Nails…

There are two trains of thought – you could work to improve the condition of the natural nails or you could apply an overlay product to support the natural nails and prevent breakage.

Fibreglass/silk and gel polish are good, flexible options rather than more solid nail extension products like acrylic or UV builder gel. Overlays with fibreglass/silk can also be used to tackle existing nail breaks without cutting the nail short.

With so many clients having bad nail habits whether that is from having poorly applied nail extensions in the past, failing to use gloves when carrying out cleaning tasks or simply not using good quality skin and nail care products; it is not surprising more clients are coming to us seeking advice for dry and brittle nails.

But what advice should you give?

How to tackle dry/brittle nails…

Ensure whichever option you take, clients take home a cuticle and nail oil to allow them to continue massaging this into the surface of the nails at least twice daily to keep nails nourished and flexible, helping to improve the condition over time.

Top tips:
  • For those who forget to apply nail oil, encourage clients to keep a small bottle on their desk at work, one by the bed for applying at night or perhaps next to their toothbrush to help them remember.
  • Recommend clients return every 2-3 weeks for maintenance of overlays, reapplication of gel polish or regular natural manicures. This is particularly important in the winter where weather conditions can leave skin and nails drier than usual.
  • Always recommend clients to wear not only rubber gloves when in water or chemicals, but warm gloves when out and about in the winter to avoid nails drying out further.

For any client having severe issues with dry/brittle nails, it may be worth then seeing their GP just to rule out any medical issues and for them to review their diet in case of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

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