Getting Ahead with Nail Art

Nail Art is back and is in huge demand. Being able to offer this great add-on service can add another £2-£10 per nail service which is really great business when you consider simple designs can take as little as a couple of minutes per nail and help to set you apart from the competition. We cover some of the easiest ways to apply nail art…

Foil Striping

Using a roll of nail foil which can be cheaply purchased from any nail products supplier, you simply cut small strips to the required size. Apply to the nails to create simple linear designs or to create an unusual French style design to the ends of nail tips. Apply a top coat (whether gel or traditional polish) to seal the design. Quick and easy to apply, looks sophisticated but requires minimal skill.

Floral Designs

Using a nail dotting tool apply a large dot followed by 5 smaller dots surrounding the central dot to create a really simple but pretty floral design. You can alternative colours and even using a thin nail art brush to create a stem and leaves as you get more practiced with your strokes. Beautiful for wedding designs, summer toenail pampering or for younger clients.

Animal Print

Using a fine nail brush apply stripes at jutting angles to create a tiger print effect or use a dotting tool to place random dots and then draw roughly 3 quarters of the away around the dot using a contrasting colour to create a really eye-catching and effective leopard print. Always in fashion and great for on a ‘feature’ finger such as the ring finger or on toes.

Quirky French

Create a French design but use unusual contrasting colours for a quirky spin on the classic French finish. Silver, black and red all work well to create a bold tip with a softer shade for the rest of the nail.

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