June 24, 2024

Get Brooklinen Sheets in Its New Matchstick Pattern

Our editorial team dreams of having super colorful, eclectic beddingpatterns on everything, from the pillows to the duvet! But, in reality, we mostly sleep on solid sheets. I know because I conduced a very official Slack poll on the topic.

What we need is a gateway drug, and we’ve found it in Brooklinen’s new Matchsticks collection that just launched online today. Available in navy, graphite, and a very cheerful “mustard” yellow, the decidedly contemporary pattern – kind of like stripes and polka dots made a baby – is pretty much perfect for anyone who wants to make the leap into pattern but just can’t. step. away. from their solid sheets. You can do it! Matchsticks is here to help.

It’s not all about the look, of course – Brooklinen’s bedding is comfortable beyond belief. Apparently that’s because they use “long-staple” cotton fibers, which have fewer exposed ends in the weave (translation: softer, smoother sheets). Its solid colors have always been great, whether you’re into uber-crisp white sheets, bright navy blue, sky blue, or its new line of dark and light grays.

Brooklinen has done pattern before now, including skinny stripes to graphic window panes, but Matchsticks is the first that has real personality to it. So if you’d like to dip your toes into more adventurous bedding without committing to something bright and loud and aggressive, like a bright purple plaid comforter (someday! ), today might be the day to hit up Brooklinen.

SHOP NOW: Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Graphite Matchstick, $240 for a sheet set, two pillow cases, and a duvet.

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