These are the biggest nail art trends to look out for in 2020

Instead, those canny peeps on Instagram are continuing to get more creative and experimental in coming up with designs that fit into our work and weekend wardrobes. But while the options are endless, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best styles to inspire your mani throughout 2020.

Having secured its spot as a chic and sought-after way of keeping our nails beautifully manicured – but with a little extra personality on the side – nail art is going nowhere for the 20s.

1. Statement tips

The French polish has been given an upgrade with bold slashes of colour replacing traditional white tips.

2. Gradient nails

Gradient nails may have taken off in 2019, but they’ll continue to be huge into the next decade, too. A simple way to make the most out of your favourite shade, this sees each finger painted a slightly different tone within the same palette. This year, blue will be big and with the onset of spring, expect pastels.

3. Optical illusion nails

With clever tricks like the bubble nail (which uses the foam from bubbles to make a pattern on the polish) making innovation easy at home, imprinted and optical illusion nails will become more intelligent and intricate. Case in point: the shell effect nail in pearly polish from Dryby below.

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4. Blues and greens

Given that Classic Blue was named this year’s pantone, it’s unsurprising that blue is having a resurrection. But its sister shade, green will also be popular and a blend of the two (bluey greens) will also take off. Tip: the shade looks particularly beautiful with gold jewellery and neutral colour palettes.

This year’s pantone may well be

Subtle stripes

Simple graphics have always been popular, and while dots have reigned supreme, stripes are stealing the spotlight in 2020. You can make them more intricate by opting for metallic accents, or mix them up with extra smudging, like Betina Goldstein.

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