Whole-body skincare is the biggest beauty trend of 2019, here’s how to do it

But something has shifted. All of a sudden, candid snaps are being shared and our perception of ‘perfection’ is evolving. Maybe that cream won’t dissolve our dimples, perhaps the stretch marks are here to stay, but goddamnit we’re beautiful, and our bodies deserve to shine!

When’s the last time you bought a body cream? Was it last week? Last month? Or have you had the same maxi pump of product for the past three years?

Many of us pay little attention to skin below the chin, and who can blame us when we are so time-poor?

Well guess what? Just as we’re getting ready to bare all, body care has gone and upped its game, and we’re not talking about silkier creams.

Reaping the benefits of skincare science previously reserved for faces, we’re discovering the all-over moisture boosting benefits of hyaluronic acid, the exfoliating power of AHA on rough arms, and retinol’s potential as a scar and stretch-mark smoother. Even textures are getting an upgrade, with serum, oil and gel body formulas reminding us that all skin has a right to equal treatment.

Ready to dip in? Here are a few of the game-changing formulas that will bring the best out of your beautiful body.

We’re Egging You On to Try These $7 Easter Egg-Shaped Makeup Palettes

There are many things we hope to get in our Easter basket this year (namely, chocolate) but at the top of our list are these festive egg-shaped makeup palettes from Revolution Beauty (aka Makeup Revolution). The six varieties in the line open up to reveal five eye shadows (in egg-shaped pans) and two face powders so you can complete an entire look with just one palette.

While most of the palettes have expected names like “Candy” and “Chick”, one bad egg that stands out from the carton is the “Dragon” egg, encased in a vibrant red container. Inside you’ll find red and burgundy-hued shadows we think Khaleesi would approve of.

Considering that each one is just one $7, we won’t blame you if you decide that every item must make its way into your makeup bag.

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