Gentleman’s Club educate every guy (and girl) should know, Photos

If you and the boys plan on heading to the strip club this weekend it’s always encouraged to brush up on the unwritten rules of the gentlemen’s club. We all have that one friend who has the potential to get everyone kicked out so let’s prevent that from happening shall we?

Straight from ladies at Scores Gentlemen’s Club in New Haven, Connecticut, here are the ways you should properly act when visiting your favorite late night venue.


First and foremost the dancers all had these ‘must follow’ rules at the top of their lists.

DO NOT try to make out with the dancers.

DO NOT slap the girl’s asses.

DO NOT pull hair.

NO huge boners.

Tipping – They expect tips all the time. From dancing on stage, sitting down with you for a nice conversation, to sharing a drink at the bar, always continue to tip.

If you’re nota big tipper that’s ok, just don’t sit next to the stage. Dancers expect those closest to the stage to be tipping. Extra tips equal extra fun.

Touching – Ask the person who’s giving the lap dance what’s ok and what’s not ok. The most important factor is to be polite and ask, don’t be a drunk fool and do whatever you please.

No touching girls that are on stage unless they ask for it, they’re up there performing for an audience not just you.

*Females are also known to get handsy with dancers but same rules apply.

Fetishes – Always approach a girl first and ask if your type of fetish is appropriate. (Don’t be ashamed, they’ve heard it all) From licking shoes to smelling armpits, anything goes as long as you ask and tip extra.

Don’t – Be a bully, girls don’t appreciate being put down verbally. If a girl asks if you want a dance and she’s not your cup of tea, politely decline the request.

Try not to climax while getting a dance, but if you do they would appreciate that you do not wear sweatpants to the club.

Do not throw “stripper darts.” That’s crumbled up bills fired like a fastball at the girls. They don’t appreciate that so much.

Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it legal!

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