April 12, 2024

Gemini Hair Is The Latest Colourful Hair Trend

Hair trends are getting more expressive, from daring cuts to out-there dye jobs. And one look that is definitely heavy on the fun is the gemini hair trend that’s about to blow up.

Tapping into zodiac energy, geminis are known for their impulsiveness, extroversion and curiosity. Boredom is a major ick, and they never shy away from trying new things. Couple this with an indecisiveness – because how to choose when there’s so many good options? ! – it can be difficult for geminis to commit to one route.

Which is where the gemini hair trend keeps things interesting. Essentially a two-tone dye job it offers up extra creativity and double the opportunities when it comes to colouring your hair.

Pinterest spotlit the look in its 2023 trend predictions after noticing a 345% surge in searches for “pink and lavender hair,” a 280% increase around “brown to pink balayage,” a 215% spike in “blue and black braids,” a 150% increase in “lavender and blonde hair” and a 135% uptick in searches for “multi tone hair colour”.

In their report, Pinterest noted, “dual hair colours will spike this year. Geminis don’t have to choose, and your hair shouldn’t have to either. ” And while, you could keep your two tone hair more muted with tonal shades of caramel and chocolate, the trend is perfect for incorporating bold hits of colour. “Gen Z and millennials will mix natural hues with bright purples, blues and pinks,” say Pinterest.

There’s many ways to play the look, we’ve seen hair split straight down the middle with a different shade on either side of the centre parting. We’ve seen colour-pop money piece highlights with face-framing sections contrasting the rest of the hair. We’ve seen dip-dyed ends, skunk stripes and peekaboo under-layers.

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