Shower gels for the body of your dreams

Gel for soul Eau de gentiane blanche Gel Douche Corps et Cheveux, Hermes

Гель для душа Eau de gentiane blanche Gel Douche Corps et Cheveux, Hermes

Recently we BeautyHack published provocative text Natalia Radulovi about what we should learn from men (read, there’s a lot of funny). In the sequel, we should probably make the text about what beauty banks it is possible for men to steal.

And this fresh, rigorous, imperious and confident scent (or rather, gel) to put the first number in the list. He’s actually unisex, but men, in my personal opinion, it is more – strong, independent, characteristic.

If the morning needs a dose of confidence, and it is not peculiar to the Dec green and vitality, the gel is exactly like you. Well, the feeling that you are in your bathroom and in the room of the Paris Ritz-Carlton, is attached. Suite!

Shower gel Lime Basil and Mandarin, Jo Malone

Гель для душа Lime Basil and Mandarin, Jo Malone

Everything is simple. You get up, then, in the November darkness and Khmara, crawling into the shower, dreaming about the Nespresso bucket, immerse my body into the bathroom, fumbling the jar and starts full, not afraid of the word, perdyumonokl. Juicy, fresh, strong, noble, I don’t know what other citrus fruits fall on you from the ceiling, from the walls, the faucet, everywhere and uncontrollably – and you and happy. And not have any coffee or other energy drinks. Well and foam like in Pretty woman with Julia Roberts. The skin does not dry, washed off easily, the smell is light on the body, elusive.

Shower gel Spa Home Body Exotics Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream Elemis

Гель для душа Spa Home Frangipani Monoi Body Exotics Shower Cream, Elemis

The great thing about this tool is, of course, the aroma of tropical flowers – frangipani rich will be a great aromatherapy to lift the mood even in a sad and cloudy day. The consistency of the gel like a cream and melts into the skin – I want to use it without a washcloth, so as not to lose every ounce of pleasure.

Shower gel “Almond” Almond Cleansing And Soothing Shower Oil, L’occitane

Begin the description with a mention of a chic almond flavor – if you like almonds, then with very high probability, will fall in love with the tool with the first breath! In the second place the qualities – texture, which really looks like a thick and preheated oil! In contact with water it emulgiruet and turns into a whitish jelly.

Solid shower gel, Shower Gel, Naked, Lush

Probably the easiest way would be to compare them with the soap: the application process is similar, but in fact they are reminiscent of shower gel. I specifically compared the compositions with soap, and they are different, but feels a little softer gels laishevskogo soap on effects, but the difference is not particularly large: the soap is excellent. So far, the new format gels came in six flavors, some of them belong to the Christmas collection, so if you are still looking for a gift, then you are in the store Lush!

Emollient oil for bath and shower Lipikar Huile Lavante, La Roche–Posay

If the problem is very, very dry skin, unfortunately, you concerned, first of all I want to sympathize, and the second to tell you about lepidospartum emollient oil for bath and shower La Roche–Posay Lipikar Huile Lavante. Its washing base is so delicate and gentle that it absolutely does not dry the skin, but on the contrary – leaves behind the feeling that has been caused easy milk. The oil is suitable not only to owners of dry skin, but also suffering from atopic dermatitis and infants. In conclusion, I would like to note its interesting flavor I can’t exactly say what it smells like, but I associate it with freshness and air!

Gel Rebalancing Exfolianting Shower Gel, L’occitane

In the category shower gels in recent years has become very much a hybrid of gel and scrub, often called scrubs. Among all I like most exfoliating shower gel L’occitane Rebalancing Exfolianting Shower Gel, comprising soft abrasive particles: ideal for daily exfoliation. Special attention is given to the aroma – a mixture of herbs and essential oils immediately immerse consciousness in a Spa treatment: simultaneously relaxes and tones!

Shower gel Milk Melon, Dolce Milk

Moisturizes the skin, but not sticky, foam is good, washed off easily, and after – bubble gum from my childhood on the body. Stylish bottle took pride of place in my bathroom. In the composition you will not find organics, but this target brand and puts. Among the components are hydrolyzed milk proteins (this protein complexes and whey, which is very actively used in cosmetics to moisturize and soften the skin) and melon extract.

Shower gel Rejuvenating Uplifting Shower Wash, Fresh Line

This tool reminded me of the tears of the unicorn from the cartoon. Imagine a gel saturated blue color and shimmers thanks glitter?

The texture is like jelly, smells like the perfume that will suit both boys and girls. The extracts of lavender, rosemary, lemon and oil bergmot, ginger and mint. The skin after it is well cleaned and moisturized, but no greasy film. And you’ll appreciate a subtle shimmer and dizzying smell that remain on the skin.

Perfumed body gel No. 5, Chanel

I love it when a gel body performs several functions: at least moisturizes the skin, gives it Shine and smells good. All this (and more!) found the new product that Chanel has released for Christmas and New year. Body gel No. 5 conquered after the use of shimmering particles, like gold, shimmer inside of the beautiful bottle without losing their charm, are transferred to the skin (apply on the neck, neckline, and forearm).

For the evening I asked several times, what a highlighter was applied to the body, and I’m within a couple of hours distinctly heard a slight sound favorite floral-citrus fragrance No. 5 Chanel. By the way, now my special hack: after applying the gel be sure to use the same name aroma – so it reveals much deeper and lasts longer on the skin. And our columnist BeautyHack Elvira, Chabakauri believes that this is one of the best gifts of all time (the full review can be read here), and I totally agree with her.

Shower gel, Rose Body Wash, Ausganica

Ausganica certified organic cosmetics from Australia. Founder of the brand, a scientist Maureen M. Liao decided to create his own brand in 2008. It embodied in it all their knowledge and love of natural cosmetics. Together with partners it acquired outside of Sydney 400 acres (16 thousand acres!) agricultural land for growing plants and a small factory and warehouse. The main priorities in the creation of Ausganica was the availability of clean sources of quality raw materials and using technologies that do not violate the harmony of the environment.

This shower gel with a gentle (not chemical, as is often the case in fragrances) the scent of roses almost no foam, but this does not prevent him perfectly clear. The texture is buttery, nice envelops and tightens the skin doesn’t need lotion.

Gel-scrub for the soul “Gentle upgrade”, Dove

Few people know, but initially, Dove has released funds for the military, victims of burns, therefore, the brand logo was a dove of peace. Since then, the Dove pays great attention to clinical research: all tools are soft and safe for even sensitive skin.

Gel scrub under the promising title “Gentle upgrade” these principles also fit: gently cleanses and does not irritate the skin (scrub is a plus). The texture of a delicate cream with fine exfoliating granules blue. It is ideal for light daily exfoliation, but classic scrub still will not replace. The main gel-scrub completely dry skin and after shower there is no feeling of tightness. The skin is soft and smooth.

The shower milk Lait de Douche Cleansing Shower Milk by Biotherm

Milk from Biotherm will appeal to those who do not tolerate the cold – remedy ideal for dry and irritated winter winds of the skin. It is a merit of contained in it nourishing oils of orange and grapefruit: they deeply nourish the skin and form a protective film that she was overweening.

Upon contact with water milk into a rich, fragrant lather, and throughout the bathroom immediately posted a subtle hint of orange. The result – soft, hydrated skin without a hint of irritation or peeling. And to enhance the effect, after a shower to apply body lotion from the same series – about whom we wrote here.

Shower gel Morning Glory, Wonder Me

Brand of organic cosmetics Wonder Me said only this year. The guys still running the website, but you can order via Direct Instagram. And while the founders Wonder Me establish processes and acquaint followers with all the resources they produce in Russia. And this scrubs for body and lips, lotion for the body, lotion for cellulite, flower waters, lip balm. And all of them with a distinctive flavour and aroma of juicy berries, which in childhood was collected directly from the Bush, scented tea, herbal infusions of chamomile.

All of them I will certainly try, while I tell you about the shower gel, which at the Wonder suggest Me to use in the morning. Extracts of ginger, lemon and green tea in the composition invigorate and even encourage you when you need to get up before dawn. The fragrance of the gel is very thin, discreet, the skin does not remain, but in the soul enveloped in a cozy cloud.

Separately describe the bottle: it’s glass and very heavy. I’m from the category butyricum who choose funds based on appearance, and then allocate them a place of honor in the bathroom (and may not even use, Yes, Yes!). So Wonder Me joined the collection of the most beautiful, sleek bottles, from which you do not want to get rid of, even when the tool end.

Hyaluronic shower gel, Librederm

This tool will approach the owners of dry or dry skin – does not contain sulfates, but there is argan oil, which besides the obvious feeling of hydration supports the lipid balance. An impressive bottle with pump convenient to use in the bathroom: you don’t need to turn it, one click – one “portion” of the gel.

The tools are easy pharmacy smell (there is also castor oil). The foam is weak, but cleans well and does not dry the skin in winter is very important!

Shower gel Thé Des Vignes by Caudalie

The main advantage of the means – fragrance. The gel smells like an expensive selective perfume (a mix of musk, neroli and ginger) and long stays on the skin. But I was confused that it does not foam. Some surfactants of vegetable origin: sodium Cocoyl glutamate and decyl glucoside, which are very delicately interact with the skin. By the way, Cocoyl sodium glutamate is frequently found in the compositions of hypoallergenic means, it does not irritate the mucous membranes and moisturizes.

After using the skin squeaky clean, so you need to apply a good moisturizer. Not to kill the smell, I use body lotion La Roche-Posay.

Pomegranate revitalizing shower gel, Weleda

Choosing the means to care for body in the winter, I always pay attention to three factors – hydration, nutrition and lack of sticky feeling on the skin. Shower gel fully comply with these three points. He has a nice, creamy consistency that does not dry out the skin. For nutrition and hydration answer oil of: sesame, macadamia, sunflower.

Bonus – the efficiency of the gel, it foams well, and just need a pea-sized amount. For the winter period is getting into the top ten. With regular use of the Duo (there’s also Weleda pomegranate lotion for elasticity of tissues) skin is not affected by temperature changes, dry air, batteries and air conditioning in the car.

The smell of the gel quite specific (except for notes of pomegranate, there are the chords of orange and sandalwood), and remain on the skin up to four hours.

Gel-shower cream Vitamin F, Librederm

In the shower, I go on average twice a day (and if the exercise is in the middle of the day, it is still often). Because of this, the skin becomes dry, and helps out in this case just means Librederm. After two weeks of use I noticed that the hands, knees, elbows (all of the most problematic areas) become softer.

Believe that this effect is vitamin F in the composition of the complex of unsaturated fatty acids that smooth the skin, removes inflammation and flaking. To make this a useful cocktail remained on the skin after washing, Librederm invented a special formula in the soap has surfactants without sodium Laureth sulfate that do not wash off the vitamin c of F the skin. That is why dual title – gel-cream.

Shower gel “Orange chocolate”, Gloria

The gel is convenient and small package, easy to take with you to the gym or travel. But there is a flip side to the coin: it ends quickly if you use it at home. I love when a lot of bath foam and gel well distributed on the skin and easy to wash off, so spend it economically. And Gloria was no exception. It does not foam very well, so during one trip to the shower, I use really a lot of gel.

The smell of money full-bodied (a mix of orange and chocolate, of course!), but when you put it on your skin, not cloying and tart.

The skin is moderately moist, but without the sense of damage to the cream. Although I use it a couple of weeks, and it seems that the skin is more smooth (maybe it’s the vitamin E and orange oil, which is a part of).

Soothing shower gel Lipikar Gel Lavant, La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay say that the tool can be used everywhere from head to toe, adults and children. Because of the dryness in areas and hard water, my skin in the winter, categorically calls for total moisture. And Lipikar Gel Lavant do restores skin moisture and moisturizes awesome. The tools are easy consistency, but it is very (very!) a good foam. After the remains of the feeling of the film or, conversely, tightness. As if you’ve already done the easy milk. I think the tool will help owners of dry skin at any time of the year.

Mediterranean shower gel Aromasoul mediterranean shower gel, Comfort Zone

The first thing I noticed: the tools are not very dense texture, so in a hurry to spill almost the whole bottle. The second flavor! Bright, someone may seem harsh, but I really liked it and the skin then remains for two or three hours. First, you will not want to follow such a successful mix of woody floral notes. Real aromatherapy! Comprising olive extract, essential oils of Basil, lemon, Mandarin and cypress. After use I always put the cream, because the skin without it hydrated and soft touch.

Cream for showering and Eau Ressourçante bath, Clarins

My main choice shower gel – foaming non-corrosive components, desiccate the skin. In the midst of the heating season to this rule is added, and moisture. Clarins Eau Ressourçante on a soft base contains extract of Basil, sandalwood, iris and essential oils that provide hydration. The facility pleasant creamy texture, neutral pH and a light, unobtrusive scent. For the abundant foam enough one or two drops. Eau Ressourçante occasionally use as a bubble bath: 15-20 minutes reduces muscle tension and fatigue. After use, the skin can not moisturize – it is smooth and gentle.

Shower gel Douche Monoi soin Nourrissante, Corine de Farme

Bottle 750 ml easy to use thanks to its high spout. The texture tools are tender and thick – more like a cream. In the no soap, parabens and dyes – a separate plus. 95% of incoming part components – natural. The gel is hypoallergenic, cleans and moisturizes after use there is no feeling of tightness. Among the ingredients: Monoi oil and coconut. The tools are a neutral pH and a pleasant, slightly sladkevicius smell that turns ordinary showers into aromatherapy ritual.

Castile soap Savon De Castille, Planeta Organica

If you don’t like the smell of chemical fragrances and shower gels, this liquid soap will like. It is almost no smell! “Castile soap” is not a cosmetic means any specific brand, and the name old recipe of soap making, common in the Spanish region. It is different that 100% consists of only natural ingredients, it may not be dyes, parabens, synthetic ingredients and fats of animal origin.

In confirmation of the genuineness of the product. Planeta Organica are two well-known international certificate of Ecocert and Cosmos Natural. The soap has no chemical foaming agents, but the foam and it cleans well. And the softness of the impact you can put a solid five. It includes whipped and saponified in a special process olive and coconut oil, which for this softness is just meet. In General, ideal for the shower, if you have sensitive and prone to dry skin!

Sea buckthorn shower gel Oblepikha Siberica

In this sea buckthorn shower gel is clearly audible notes of berries – refreshing and tart, with a characteristic sour taste. This is not a trivial “strawberries and cream” or “vanilla almond”, and the present organic oil of Altai sea-buckthorn flavored with Oxalis Yakut, seed oil, Arctic cranberry, wild mint and cedar oil. The set of all these rare and precious plants sounds promising but, actually, in the composition of the gel, their useful properties have hardly any value. All of these ingredients, even if they are super active and healing, just don’t have time to absorb into the skin. You will not lather to stand for hours in the bathroom?

The word “organic” here, too, has very conditional meaning. What’s the difference whether the oil is organic, if the formula of most of the shower gels are almost always present various chemical surfactants? If you reject all these marketing conventions, sea buckthorn shower gel Oblepikha Siberica really high quality and decent product. It is easily whipped into an aromatic foam gently and delicately clears, and after a shower the skin there is no feeling of tightness. And gels the most important thing!

Luxurious argan shower gel, Planeta Organica

Wonderful tool! A variety of flower oils including neroli is my favorite. The first shower gel that does not irritate, but on the contrary, it helps with scratches and lacerations – probably due to the juice of the agave. About agave – I once tasted the nectar of this plant, it is very similar to floral honey and the gel is similar to the homemade marmalade with this nectar. The five plus.

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