June 22, 2024

From Cornwall to the Lake District, these are the very best destinations

Under normal circumstances, they’re when a couple retreats to a quiet corner of the UK immediately after their nuptials – postponing their *big* honeymoon for a later date.

That may be to save money, or just because they prefer weekend breaks in the UK to their tropical counterparts. Fast-forward to today, mini-moon bookings are at their peak, because joining the couples who honeymoon in the UK out of choice are the couples who will mini-moon in the UK because they have to.

‘Cos the thought of stepping foot on a plane makes them want to bathe – head to toe – in anti-bac, because the Asian honeymoon of their dreams has been cancelled or because Covid-19 has left them with a smaller honeymoon budget.

A lavish honeymoon in the Maldives isn’t for everyone, especially right now. But what’s the alternative? Put simply: a honeymoon here on home turf. Which – FYI – can be just as chic and special if you know of the best places to book.

Coronavirus or not, British honeymoons – or mini-moons, as many have coined the trend – are big business. In fact, they’ve been growing in popularity rapidly for the past couple of years.

If you’re hosting a small and private wedding in what’s left of 2020, but you still fancy getting away post-vows, you’re in luck. We’ve found tonnes of chic honeymoon destinations in the UK – from Brighton to Cornwall and the Peak District – which are all seriously idyllic.

And to make your booking journey easier still, we’re revealing the most beautiful hotels and holiday rentals to book in each of them. Spoiler: Airbnb Plus is the way to go.

Take Somerset, for example. You might have never considered the home of Glasto as the perfect honeymoon destination before, but the county has plenty to shout about. Namely the fact that it’s home to this romantic treehouse, complete with countryside views, wood-panelled walls and charming decor. In Pembrokeshire sits St Brides Spa Hotel, a gorgeous four-star property overlooking the harbour of Saundersfoot and just moments away from the beach. Or how about retreating to Norfolk? This place is an Airbnb Plus property for a reason, complete with a Moroccan-themed terrace, BBQ, log stove, board games room and seaside-inspired living space. Obsessed.

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