From chunky boots to delicate embellishment, these are 6 major shoe trends

But as we enter month eight of this totally bizarre new world (with the fact that new lockdowns are appearing daily giving us little hope for the rest of 2020) many of us are becoming somewhat used to our new routine – endless Zoom calls, of course, being a key part of that.

Let’s be honest, very few of us have given much thought to our footwear over recent months. Unsurprisingly, the combination of a lethal virus relentlessly infecting people all over the globe and a seemingly endless national lockdown – in all its many various forms and ‘tiers’ – has nullified not only our interest in leaving the house but also our desire to curate a #lewk on the odd occasion we do.

After all, who’s put anything other than the closest Birkenstock or trainer to nip to the shop when you’ve run out of pasta? Sometimes we forgo socks with the latter, sometimes we wear them with the former. Rules have truly gone out of the window since March as, frankly, we’ve all had more important things to worry about.

And while you’re likely looking for ways to keep your spirits up now that you’ve finished Normal People for the eighth time and the weather renders your perfected Dalgona iced coffee recipe less appealing, why not revisit your wardrobe and consider indulging in a little footwear update? As we know, if anything can bring on a smile it’s a new pair of shoes…

Plus, of course, if we’ve got any hope of seeing our friends again before the year’s out then we’re advised (or, if you’re in Tier 2 upwards, instructed) to do so outdoors – so you probably ought to have something great to swap your slippers for.

So what treats do our favourite footwear brands have in store this season? Fans of a winter boot will be pleased to know that three of AW20’s six most major shoe trends fall in that category, while those of you looking for a little splash of sparkle to brighten up your day will be equally thrilled by the latest take on footwear embellishment.

Scroll down to peruse the season’s six biggest shoe trends, and shop our edit of highlights from each category…

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