April 19, 2024

From ‘blind dinners’ to eating while dangling from the sky, these unique dining experiences are here to level-up date night

Michelin starrestaurants have been providing good food, maxentertainmentand major scenes since forever, but what we’re about to share with you goes *way* beyond where to get goodsushi– think artificial intelligence, costumes, and settings that are a little out of the ordinary.

Basically – and we don’t mean to be dramatic here – but you’re about to see is going to blow your mind.

If you’re anything like us, food is everything to you. It’s a personality trait, it’s joy, it’s a lifestyle. Food is not just about filling your belly up, it’s the whole package. Yes, sure, picking up a McD’s drive-thru milkshake here and there can really hit the spot, and Uber Eats has been a lifeline for a lot of people during lockdown – but there is nothing like going to an actual restaurant and getting the 360 experience of dreams.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be strapped in on a seat with dangling feet and dine 100 feet above ground? How about experiencing a Halloween themed enchanted afternoon tea session for a magical date night? If you missed out on cocktails by the beach due to amber country restrictions, turns out you can experience something of the sort right at home…

Lucky for you we have scoured the depth of the earth (OK, the depths of London – there’s still a pandemic out there and travelling is a little limited) to find the most amazing, out of this world dining experiences that will have you shook. We can confirm, steak tastes better in the sky and chowing down in the dark without knowing what you’re eating is a sensational sensory adventure for any foodie.

Keep scrolling through to find the next coolest dining experience to book now for you and your loved ones. Dinner upgrade activated!

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