April 20, 2024

Friday Face / Off with Josh Newis-Smith and Rebecca Baio

This week our very own Entertainment Editor, Josh Newis-Smith is going up against our lovely Contributing Beauty Editor, Rebecca Baio.

Friday Face Off is the weekly makeup challenge at GLAMOUR HQ where beauty editors, beauty enthusiasts and some very special guests recreate a makeup look in only 5 minutes.

The source of inspiration for the challenge this time around is the amazing Instagram makeup sensation and some may even say goddess, Rowi Smith with her monochromatic orange eyeshadow and lips look. It oozes summer, citrus and vibrant shades.

Juicy lips, 80s neon eyeshadow and a real pop of colour is all to come.

Stage one

Starting off, Josh went straight in with the eyeshadow going for a bold block colour look, whilst Beckie kept it subtle with a softer blending technique for her eyeshadow.

Stage two

Three minutes in and Josh makes a surprise addition of smoothing out a light pink blush to the cheeks. In the meantime, Beckie adds a pop of orange eyeshadow to her lower lash line, beautifully blended.

Stage three

Moving onto the lips, both Beckie and Josh start on perfecting the juicy-look effect for their lips using a bright red lip gloss. In Josh’s own words, his look was coming together as a mix between ‘Kylie Jenner and Ru Paul’s Drag Race’.

Take a look at the #fridayfaceoff series on GLAMOUR’s Youtube channel and have your say on who’s recreation you prefer, or better yet share your own recreations of Rowi’s monochromatic orange look.

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