Frequent use of face masks may cause an overdose and lead to impairment

When a woman appears from the bathroom with a face smeared with something green, and the eyes, covered with cucumber circles, men are usually ridiculous. But when the green slime is washed away and the girl smiles, and her cheeks are smooth and ruddy, men are usually pleased.

But for a woman, applying masks is a ritual and a ritual that is not so simple and full of dangers. The fact that the masks are needed, how to apply them and how not to overdo it, was recognized by the correspondent of SE.

The queens of antiquity carried herds of donkeys and took baths of their milk. Wherever there was honey, the beauties used it externally. “Demonic women” were covered with raw cutlets. Women have little creams – they need to smear themselves with something radical.

Mask for the face is a concentrated product that helps in a short time to achieve a visible effect: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing or tightening. The difference between a mask and a cream is approximately the same as the difference between a weekly holiday and a holiday month. Creams do not allow the skin to “die of hunger”, and the masks “arrange a feast.”

“The mask in the home care can be used between the visits of the beautician as a support,” says Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician of the salon “Sante Estetic.” “It allows you to maintain a tangible effect achieved in the salon.” If a young woman prefers to take care of herself, the mask applied may in some way replace the cosmetologist – its composition should provide a strong directional action, in some cases comparable to salon care.

Masks in most cases can be divided into those that dry on the skin, dry and cream. When using drying masks, it is very important that the person remains calm so that the mask does not crack and in the case of the clay mask does not injure the skin, and in the case of lifting it has a pulling effect.

“It is better to lie down and try not to talk, not to smile, but just lie down with your eyes closed for the duration of the mask’s action,  advises Ekaterina Lebedko. With cream masks, in general, you can move and talk, but still it’s better to lie down. Applying a mask is a special ritual, calmness and rest plays an important role in it. Some experts advise even to remove the pillow from under the head and put it under the knees, so that the blood poured into the skin of the face and the mask operated more effectively.

A high concentration of active substances does not allow the use of masks often. Overdosing of active substances is a serious problem, fraught with rash, allergy, even harm to the body: “For example, the daily dose of retinol is 0.2 mg, if in the mask it is 2% (and most often the composition of masks), then when applied we will exceed the permissible dose by 10 times, – warns the director of the “Scientific Cosmetology Society” Anatoly Decin. “Retinol is easily absorbed through the skin into the blood, that is, harm is not only applied to the skin, but to the entire body.” It’s not just about chemical masks, but about home: sour cream, banana, egg and others. If you see the result from the application and the allergy is not – fine, continue, but very dosed.

Most of the entire volume and directions of the masks are cleansing. Especially purification is important in a big city, where the air is heavily polluted. It is necessary to use, but very carefully, peelings, scrubs, gommages: “The skin should always have 5-6 keratin layers,” Anatoly Decin explains. –

If the skin is intensively shirked, then it is possible to erase all layers, achieving not only the skin effect of the infant, but also inflammation. Here, dry mask-rollings are good, which roll off badly bound flakes, not touching those that need to be left. “

Cleansing masks based on clay, home with honey contain sorbents, which draw from the skin fat, dirt, unnecessary substances. But with them sorbents draw useful amino acids, salts, vitamins. Therefore, the frequent use of such a mask is fraught with drying and withering of the skin. “Cleansing masks must necessarily be supplemented with nutrition and hydration!” – adds the director of the Scientific Cosmetic Society. Women with thin dry skin can use them not more than once in two weeks, the owner of a fat one – up to twice a week. Use of nutritious and moisturizing masks on untreated skin does not make sense.

Whatever the theory, often in practice, the mask is used when it is necessary to achieve a visible and instant result. Most masks really smooth the skin and improve its color, that is, give a visible result. But if the masks are used without complex care, as a lifebuoy, then these stresses can quickly get bored. And it will make a big leap – unfortunately, to deterioration. Therefore it is worthwhile to use masks as a periodic care, supplementing the permanent. And then the reflection in the mirror will make you happy.

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