June 17, 2024

Frequent change of partners and inflammation are the main risk factors for ectopic pregnancy

When planning to replenish the family, some women face unforeseen problems. One of the most serious is the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy.

Strictly speaking, few people discuss this possibility, but among the fears of pregnant women, he is given one of the first places: in fact at first the ectopic pregnancy does not manifest itself in any way.

Why there is an “incorrect” pregnancy and how to prevent it, learned the correspondent of SE.

Risky place

Normally, pregnancy develops in the uterus cavity, where a fertilized egg is found, but there are situations when fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube. Unauthorized attachment of the embryo outside the womb brings many problems to the woman and can deprive her of the opportunity to become a mother. In most cases of ectopic pregnancy, the ovum is delayed in one of the fallopian tubes. Sometimes, but rarely, pregnancy develops in the abdominal cavity or ovary.

All these options bear a big risk for a woman: as explained by the head of the gynecological department of the Road Clinical Hospital Lyudmila Daychman, pregnancy outside the uterus can progress only up to a certain period, and all this time she changes the tissues around her, which can eventually lead to rupture of the tube and abundant bleeding in the abdominal cavity,

It seems that such a serious situation can happen to anyone, but not with you? Then remember, did you have inflammatory diseases in the past and do you know the concept of “soldering”? Gynecologists note that cases of ectopic pregnancy are not very frequent in healthy women, but very common in those who have had inflammation of the appendages or have chronic diseases. “Spikes interfere with the fertilized egg to move toward the uterus. And if she did not have time to “run” to the uterus in three days (such is her supply of nutrients), there is an ectopic pregnancy.

The contractility can also be disturbed due to the peculiarities of the structure of the pipes – if they are long and curved. In this case, the egg also does not have enough time to get to the uterus, “says Irina Danilina, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Zdravica medical center.

According to gynecologists, as traditionally many patients with inflammations – young girls who have an active sex life and change partners, an ectopic pregnancy is more likely for them.

However, this conditional division: over the years, chronic diseases accumulate, which also increase the risks. Information for women giving birth, protected by a spiral: doctors believe that the spiral increases the possibility of developing pregnancy outside the uterus. The least important is to worry about the procedure for in vitro fertilization: as explained by Irina Danilina, in this case, the embryo is inserted directly into the uterine cavity, and this will be known to be uterine pregnancy.

Learn and neutralize

The most unpleasant in the development of ectopic pregnancy is the fact that it is most often found only when the pregnancy is interrupted. Then there is an acute pain syndrome and bleeding, not like menstruation. However, this option happens in undisciplined women who believe that pregnancy, and even in the early stages and without unpleasant symptoms (but until the pregnancy is interrupted, they will not be) – too trifling reason to turn to a gynecologist.

Positive test, delay of menstruation – even on a primary examination the gynecologist can not determine what kind of pregnancy you have.

But the doctor can alert the condition of your appendages and previous illnesses in medical history – then he will send you to an ultrasound that will make the final verdict: is the fetal egg in the uterus. “But to do ultrasound once again, without evidence, too, can not be – it is harmful to the fetus,” – warns Irina Danilina. Therefore, it is necessary to take a very responsible attitude towards the choice of a doctor for the management of pregnancy from the earliest possible time. In any case, the gynecologist should appear for up to 6 weeks: this is usually a critical period of development of the ectopic pregnancy, after which it is interrupted with dangerous consequences, when the doctor will have to remove the ruptured tube surgically.

If an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed on time, a reconstructive operation in the tube is avoided, when only the embryo is removed. “After proper rehabilitation procedures, a woman can later give birth and bear a child, but we must remember that the pipes are a pair body, and if one of them is compromised, there is a possibility that the second one is also not ideal. In addition, each ectopic pregnancy increases the risk of recurrence – it can occur in the same or another tube after a while, “warns Lyudmila Daichman, recalling how important it is to eliminate the very cause that caused the ectopic pregnancy.

Warn the attack

To prevent the risk of ectopic pregnancy, experts give several recommendations:

• Pay close attention to inflammation and not engage in self-medication. Only a full course, which consists of several stages, including antibacterial therapy and physiotherapy, followed by restoring sanatorium treatment, will give hope that the patency of the pipes will not be disturbed. In addition, you should be alerted to any recurrence of inflammation.
• Be attentive to the menstrual cycle. “Skip” pregnancy is very easy if the cycle is irregular. “Today, when the female population is concerned about losing weight, the irregularity of the cycle is very common,” warns Lyudmila Daychman.
• Plan pregnancy and use regular contraception, preventing the very possibility of getting pregnant: these are barrier or hormonal methods. This rule is especially severe when the woman had bad diagnoses in the past. In other words, it is precisely these women who can not plan pregnancy on the principle “We are not against my husband, as it will – so be it. ”The very planning of the child, contrary to the Russian tradition, it is desirable to conduct under the supervision of a doctor.
• And the last in the list, but the first in the mouth of gynecologists: eliminate the hypothermia factor. After all, today there are a lot of opportunities even in a warmed-out look attractive.

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