May 25, 2024

Foundation Hack For Too Light Or Too Dark Makeup Goes Viral On TikTok

We’ve all been there. We’ve just purchased a new foundation, excitedly unwrapped it, smeared a little on our faces and, oh, the shade is sooo wrong for our skintone. We feel like crying, we can’t get a refund (because it’s makeup etc. etc. ) and so we’ve just wasted our hard-earned dosh on something we can’t even use. Sob.

Well, the good news is that there is actually a TikTok foundation hack for fixing makeup that happens to be too light or too dark — rejoice! This is about to become your new go-to foundation correcting technique to turn to in moments of such makeup emergencies.

TikToker @lenkalul shows us how it’s done with her video captioned: “save this for when you buy the wrong shade😌. ”

She divides her face down the middle to demonstrate both techniques to us at the same time, one side for ‘too light’ and the other for ‘too dark’. The makeup artist starts by applying a light-coloured foundation, one a few shades lighter than her complexion would normally suit, following with a dark, almost bronzer-like shade, to the other.

With both sides now ‘wrongly’ set, the TikToker adds some concealer on the darker side of her face, applying along her eyes, over her nose, across her forehead and lips before using a blender. Quickly, her makeup seems to come together, lightening and brightening all in the right places, leaving her with a perfect base.

Next she works on the lighter side of her face, colour-correcting with a contour shade, applying along her cheekbone, jawline and below the lips, leaving things looking fresh and sculpted.

The video has already amassed over 26. 5 m views and over 3k comments many saying it was “so helpful” and “I thought it would be different but it’s looks REALLY GOOOOOD. ” Others missed the mark slightly — noting that the result was same on both sides, the actual point of the hack, or asking why she didn’t just mix the light and dark foundations together. Again, the point was to show how to deal with both scenarios (most of us either have a dark or light shade, but not both).

Other TikTokers shared similar hack techniques, users like @glambby mixed it up a little by adding a setting mist before blending in, while @kafayatx told her followers she found having a darker shade easier to work with.

So, there you have it. Our advice? Seek expert foundation-matching help before purchasing, that way you can bypass the hack altogether.

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