May 18, 2024

Fork Contouring – And It Might Actually Work

It seems that cutlery is quite the makeup bag essential, these days, if TikTok is anything to go by. We’ve seen spoons as eyeshadow tools, but now it’s the turn of the mighty fork – and as it turns out, they’re actually pretty effective contouring devices. Who knew?

If you’re prone to a wonky nose contour, or just can’t get the proportions right, this might just be the beauty hack for you.

Actually, the nose contour trick has been around for years on TikTok, but it appears to be having a resurgence – with extras.

Back in 2020, makeup artist and TikToker @elliemakeupartist sparked a viral trend by using a fork as a contouring stencil on her nose. The central gap is used to run a thin line of highlighter, while either side you place your bronzer or contour. Once blended, the result is a slimmer-shaped nose in perfect proportion.

These days, there are still new creators trying the trend with incredible results – like @glamwithdaminee:

But of course, the cutlery-as-makeup-applicators trend has to go one step further. So now, a number of beauty TikTokers are applying their full base using a fork – yep, that’s concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Tapping into the ‘one-layer’ makeup technique (also a TikTok favourite), creator @gillianxgrace has nearly 300,000 views on her ‘fork contouring’ video, which sees her apply her products using a criss-cross method on the fork. In a second post, she blends it out with a makeup sponge, admitting that she didn’t achieve her best results.

“I do think we used too much contour and blush… it’s not going to be the best,” she tells the camera. “It doesn’t look good… even the fails are fun for me because I love to try to fix them. ”

Meanwhile, @yazicole writes: “Decided to contour & highlight my face with a fork,” alongside a famous Mean Girls audio clip. Using the aforementioned stencilling method (as per the nose technique), she revealed a finished look that was soft and natural.

Could you achieve a similar look using regular makeup brushes or your hands? Yes. Is it fun to try bizarre TikTok beauty trends? Kinda. So the jury’s out on the full face of fork contouring, but the nose trick? It’s a keeper.

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