May 25, 2024

For fear of betrayal, afraid to trust men

I am a beautiful and smart girl, like many. But I am afraid of men: I think that if you trust them, they either seduce or betray. Every time, when I drew the attention of a nice young man, I’ll stop the communication, then to regret. Don’t know what to do with it.

Catherine, 19 years old

Catherine, you don’t need to trust all men, need to find one person with whom, not in a hurry, you will begin relationships that differ from relationships with others. The main task is to discern it among other and learn to open up to him gradually, at a pace which you are comfortable. There is nothing strange that you are not ready to trust any stranger. Throughout life we create around himself a circle of close people with whom to share personal experiences.

It is important to understand where you have any stereotypes about men, why do you wait for them to betrayal. Remember situations from your life, family, when the girl actually was a victim of strong men.

Maybe it happened with someone in your family – mother, sister, grandmother. It happens that the woman who lived through the bad experience, translates it to their children. Try to separate installation, which you could hear from their parents from what you feel for yourself. Remember the examples of relationships where the man no harm, but rather cared for his beloved. Ponder how you could you distinguish a potentially dangerous man from whom to trust.

Из-за страха предательства, боюсь доверять мужчинам

If you have already had the experience of betrayal, it may not be open in the following respects. Then it is important to first understand the past situation, to understand what it is you are offended, what I feel when I think of former partner. If the memories still evoke strong emotions, so even after parting, you are unable to complete the relationship within yourself. You can try to understand their own experiences on their own or seek help from a psychologist.

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