June 17, 2024

Five ways to reduce the amount of calories consumed without compromising taste and health benefits

Whatever they say in advertising drugs, belts and appliances for weight loss, nature knows only one way to lose weight. To the body does not store energy from food, one must either make it work for the benefit of something more useful than stuffing the sides: jump, run or dance.

Or push it from the other side: simply do not give surplus. Scrupulously count calories can, probably, only very courageous and indelicate ladies, but tips that help reduce the overall calorie content without harm, and often with health benefits, it is useful to know everyone.

The correspondent of SHE asked the dieticians how to accustom themselves to eat less food, which spoils the figure.

Read the label

Sometimes enemies of a figure can be found by careful reading of the wrapper. As you know, the most caloric intruder of women’s peace is fat (burning, 1 g of fat provides 9 calories). It can be found in a variety of places. For example, it is expected – in traditionally harmful products like mayonnaise (100 g of Provencal according to GOST contain 67 g of pure fat). But more dangerous, according to dieticians, fats hidden – they are not visible, which means there is no alertness.

Leaders in hidden fats include confectionery products (it takes a third of each chocolate candy and, for example, 40% of cheesecake), all sausages (45% of the total mass) and cheeses (for example, the fat content of Swiss cheese is 50%). However, in some foods, fat can show up completely unexpectedly.

For example, many muesli bars (useful at first glance) contain coconut fat, which is used in the processing of cereals and pressing.

And soluble noodles and at all on third consists of palm oil. “If you find more than 30 grams of fat per 100 grams of the product on the label, you should be alert and, perhaps, replace it with something more useful,” urges Olga Poznyak, a nutritionist at the SFCF.

Throw out the pan

The method of cooking is no less important than the food itself. Fry in a pan is more familiar, tastier, but even more harmful: not even because of the fact of the crust, but because the dish is saturated with fat, which is being cooked. If you like a crisp, choose a grill – a shish kebab in the nature is more useful than a domestic chicken in a frying pan: the fat from it is heated and flows down. The same principle is used, for example, in house aerogrills: all the excess is at the bottom.

Bake in the oven should also be done wisely. The nutritionist of the “Delf” center Elena Garagulya shared her advice: it is possible to bake meat on a pillow of vegetables – for example, meat or fish are spread on a thick layer of onion rings, the dish is soaked with juices and does not require additional fat.

Eat soup

Help to reduce the caloric content of the diet soups. Soup is basically water. We fill the stomach, we feel full, but we’ll use fewer calories. In general, the boiled food in terms of fat content is considered the most dietary (therefore, nobody refutes the use of a steamer), because when you boil it takes a lot of substances, including unnecessary ones.

Tip:Choose soups on vegetable broths.

Lenten soup contains only 150 kcal, while, for example, the hodgepodge will pull to all 500.

Meat broths are not shown to everyone (for example, with kidney diseases and salt metabolism), and if the meat is fat, it is better to drain the first broth. Tasty soups-mashed potatoes are often very caloric due to cream and butter. If you, after eating soup, soon feel hungry, eat soup with a whole-grain bun.

Spray the oil

Even supporters of a healthy lifestyle sometimes have to use a frying pan. “For example, the classic version of roasting – carrots and onions – is justified from a medical point of view, because beta-carotene dissolves only in fats,” – recalls Olga Poznyak. So sometimes you have to arm yourself with a bottle and a frying pan. But remember: oil “gives” almost 800 kcal per 100 grams, and in one tablespoon contains 17 ml. Multiply by the usual dose for frying and think hard: is not it a lot?

To ensure that your roast is not burnt at a minimum of oil, do not regret money for a quality non-stick frying pan.

Instead of harmful teflon coatings today came eco-friendly ceramic, they also do not burn, but are completely harmless.

Tip:To get the minimum dose of oil, use the trick: pour oil into the atomizer and pshikayte it in a frying pan, and not pour. Thin layer will be enough, but you will not get too much. With the same success you can use a culinary brush or even a small clean sponge.

Replace dishes and eat bran. It is

not necessary to completely deprive yourself of food joys. It happens, it is enough to replace, for example, potatoes with cabbage: the first is exactly twice as high as the second. Or pork for a turkey with the same success. You can dilute any “second” armful of lettuce (its calories are three times less than meat).

And even baking, as it turned out, can be made useful – learn how to add dry fiber to any dough: its caloric value is 165 calories against “flour” 327. An additional bonus was told by Elena Garaguly: fiber is not absorbed by the body, undigested, it swells in the intestine and does not absorb extra calories from the rest of the meal. In addition, dietary fibers serve as a food for useful intestinal lacto- and bifidobacteria. Total – from the bran triple benefit: they cleanse the intestines, feed the necessary microflora and do not give weight gain.

Tip:Fiber can be added to any pies, pancakes, pelmeni (although it will be necessary to adjust to new proportions: in a good way, the amount of bran should be one third of the weight of flour, in this case we get natural proportions, as in the grain), and also in any porridge or cottage cheese.

Remember, any habits can be changed, including food, and if you change the harmful to useful – it is always great motivates.

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