Five Novosibirsk girls told amazing details about living together with foreigners

The romances are most easily tied up in the summer, and for a long time those memorable in which foreign speech sounds. Whether it’s a passionate Spanish whisper, classic English or French “r” graduation – a romance with a foreigner always promises bright emotions, and even a new life in a new country.

At least that’s what most Russian women think, forgetting that the Spaniards are cooling off as easily as they do, the Germans are very stingy in their emotions, and the French often take care of their appearance more than about the health of their wife.

What special sensations and unexpected problems can bring a relationship with a foreigner, learned the correspondent of SHE.

According to representatives of international dating agencies, the wife from Russia is more often sought by Americans, Australians and Canadians. Our girls are mostly looking for Europeans. Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Indonesians) are pleased to get acquainted with Russians.

But girls avoid such acquaintances, it is connected more often with stereotypes surrounding Asian men. So is it worth believing in stereotypes? Tell those who dared to check them.


They are friendly and always open to communication, but most often do not consider it necessary to continue it after several hot nights.

Katerina Ivanitskaya, lived with an Italian for 5 years: “If you liked the Italian, he certainly will not wait outside – they do not hesitate to immediately express their sympathy. They pay much attention to their appearance, understand the brands. They are very generous, they make expensive gifts, they do not stint on emotions, they are not greedy in sex either. I worked while we lived together, but spent most of my earnings for study, my friend paid all the rest without question. The Italian is able to turn a head to anyone. And here for a joint life they ripen not before 35 years, before this age consider any obligations superfluous. Actually, this was the reason for parting. ”

Pros: about this novel you just want to tell your grandchildren, and if it grows into something more, the husband will look to the hundredth point to the old age.

Minuses:on a serious relationship to expect, most likely, will not have to.


The Germans are very careful in everything, including in interpersonal relations, do not tolerate fuss and familiarity. The family with him will be very reliable, but the novel is unlikely to be remembered as something extraordinary.

Kristina Pozhidaeva, 4 years living in a civil marriage in Berlin: “We met in Serbia at a legal seminar, after which I planned a trip to Germany. His statement: “When you arrive in Berlin, you will live with me”, I took it as a joke of an arrogant man. But on the second day of my stay in Germany I got the keys to the apartment with the words: “Feel yourself at home and come whenever you want.”

He did not hurry to pay for my coffee, but then he did not spare the money for a visa, tickets, etc., to come to me in Siberia. The Germans are wide in big things, petty in small things. 

Now we have a common budget, each contributes, nobody is going to provide me. And yes, the Germans are terrible pedants – I rub the mirror eight times, until there is not a single divorce left. My boyfriend is very well-read, he loves Russian literature, but he is more like an exception – men here like simple relaxed rest, without reading books or visiting theaters. ”

Pros: despite the external strictness and accuracy, the Germans are very romantic and sentimental.

Cons: the house will have to be kept in perfect purity, and expensive gifts will become a rare exception.


Tie a resort romance with a Turk is easy, but it is not every woman who can build real relationships with him. The Turks have the concept of “namus” – honor, including the honor of the family, and the wife must behave in such a way that the namus support.

Natalia Chakar, married to a Turk for 5 years:“We met in Novosibirsk at an international exhibition, where I worked as an interpreter from Turkish. A little less than a year we talked on the phone and the Internet. Then I went to Turkey, and there we read nikyah, which is similar to the wedding of Christians. Islam I took before I met my husband, consciously and voluntarily, so that in this area we did not have any disagreements.

Now not all Turks insist on accepting the wife of Islam, but many press on their wives to please the public opinion. In Turkey, the question: “What parents, neighbors, friends will say” is a very painful topic. Prior to acquaintance with me, her husband’s parents were also against the marriage of their son in Russian, but now I have their favorite daughter-in-law. In Islam, the husband must support his wife, regardless of whether she works or not. Another thing is that not all this rule is followed. Now I’m busy with my daughter,

Pluses: the husband will always work hard to provide for the family, and will never leave the children.

Cons: we will have to forget about mini-skirts and discos, be ready for the fact that one day there will be a question about the change of religion.


The French know how to please a woman and talk about art, and passionate embraces, but in a marriage such a man is unreliable.

Elena Chevalier, 5 years old was married to a Frenchman: “My husband was my teacher of French in courses in France. A smart man, a great sense of humor. To talk about the old cinema, about classical literature, to invent some incredible places for visits – it’s the French are doing easily and at ease.

But for a young Frenchman, it’s very rare to be attracted by someone more than yourself. They are prone to self-digging, little adapted to the common life, hardly imagine what family life is.

They leave their parents early, value their freedom very much. But we must pay tribute to the freedom of women do not encroach. With age, realize the value of the family, but in our case it was too late – we divorced. ”

Pros: pleasure, both physical and intellectual, is almost guaranteed.

Cons: up to 30 years, few of the French are capable of loving someone more than themselves.


The Chinese are very impulsive and jealous men, but they know how to hide it. Ability to own their emotions, careful choice of their future wife, composure in solving family disputes – that’s what distinguishes a Chinese man.

Irina Chen, 3 years married to a Chinese:“We met at a friend’s place, who has been living in China for a long time. My husband took care for a long time, which was amazing – he did not try to molest me, we kissed for the first time after four months of meetings. If a woman likes, then she does not regret money, her husband made me chic gifts, took me to the best restaurants. He did not insist on accepting his faith, but our children will be brought up in the spirit of Confucianism – this is imperative. For the Chinese, the opinion of the family is very important in everything, especially about the future wife. The budget in the family is more often distributed by a man. ”

Pluses: the Chinese are very beautifully courted, long able to maintain romance in a relationship, very loyal to their family.

Minuses:if the bride does not like the parents, the wedding will not be exactly. It will be difficult to assess the husband’s sense of humor until you learn the language properly.

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