First Lady Melania Trump’s, Stylist Finally Addresses, The Hidden Messages In Her Wardrobe

Famous folks are constantly criticized for their fashion choices, and the First Lady is no exception. Melania Trump’s wardrobe is often the subject of public scrutiny – and not just for its exorbitant price.

From the choice of color to the designer, people like to think she is sending political messages in the clothing she wears. Despite her team’s insistence that such claims are untrue (er, fake news), it’s easy to see how her sartorial choices can be interpreted to mean much more than meets the eye.

There’s also the fact that FLOTUS admitted she was sending a message to the media when wearing that tone-deaf jacket, which read, “I Don’t Really Care, Do U,” to a Texas holding center last June.

However, according to her stylist Hervé Pierre, there is no reason to read into anything the First Lady wears while residing in the White House. “As long as I find the right outfit, the designer is almost irrelevant,” he said in an interview with WWD. “If I would have to think of all these things when I look at dresses and outfits, I would lose my mind.” He added that he simply doesn’t have the time to even consider these interpretations when dressing Trump.

First Lady Melania Trump’s, Stylist Finally Addresses, The Hidden Messages In Her Wardrobe

Explaining his decision behind FLOTUS’ choice for Donald Trump’s second State of the Union speech, a black military coatdress by Burberry, Pierre said he recognized how one might read into it. “Afterward, social media will go on about Brexit or whatever.

They have to do their own version of this. On my side, believe me I don’t think of it. Because I don’t have time to do that,” he told the publication. The truth, he said, is that it was a practical choice and appropriate for the occasion: “It’s very sharp and straight to the point… It is not a costume.”

Pierre, the former creative director of Carolina Herrera, means business. He has been in the fashion industry for over three decades and can count three former First Ladies – Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama  – as his clients, so he’s not new to political dressing either. Of his current role with Trump, he thinks of himself more as an advisor than a stylist.

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