Firefighters test world’s most powerful Super Soaker

Putting out fires with a 250mph pressurized blasts could be the next break-through weapon for fighting fires.

This is the “IFEX 3001 Impulse Gun”.

A German company began working on the powerful pressurized FD system all the way back in 1994.

The portable backpack units are now being tested around the world.

FD rescue teams are being built around both the IFEX portable system and it’s mobile “Fast Attack” vehicles.

The following GIFs show a team putting out a fire in a mere 14 seconds.

There is one important thing that fire fighters must keep in mind: the system can work an many fires including the ability to extinguish high voltage electrical fires but…

…I didn’t see anything on grease fires, that may be an issue.

That being said, the IFEX 3001 is a great way to minimize and quickly attack many fires. I’d say it’s pretty bad-A.

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