April 17, 2024

Finding your perfect moisturiser match isn’t a one-time task

Responding to skin’s indecisiveness, theClinique iDrange lets you custom-blend your moisturiser to do everything from reducing the look of pores to re-energising tired skin. Simply choose your hydrator base, then add the active-ingredient cartridge that matches your concerns, et voilà!

Forget one size fits all, everybody’s skin is unique and the skincare we use should reflect that. The problem is, our complexions have a habit of changing their mind.

That moisturiser, serum or oil may be a miracle-worker one month, but as hormones, weather and habits shift, so do the solutions to our skin woes.

New day, new skin concern? Simply switch your solution up – there are 15 flexible combinations to choose from (£36 each). Let’s break it down…

Step one: Pick your base

Choose one of the three Dramatically Different hydrator bases. Dry skin will love the nourishment in Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, from £18. 50, Dramatically Different Oil-Free Gel, from £18. 50 is great for those prone to breakouts, and Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, from £18. 50, with pollution protection and 24-hour hydration, suits all skin types.

Step two: Add your active

To personalise your hydration, simply pick the cartridge that matches your concern. Green calms irritation, blue tackles enlarged pores and uneven skin texture, white evens out skintone, orange can revive fatigued skin, and purple will target lines and wrinkles.

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