April 24, 2024

Finally, the Answer to What Color You Should Dye Your Hair

Cognitive theorists will claim the best way to make a decision is to flip a coin. That you’ll know the right answer as soon as it’s in the air. We say: try telling that to someone trying to choose their next hair color – when the limit to shade options and techniques simply does not exist.

It’s no wonder “what color should I dye my hair? ” has become just as popular a question as, “should I get bangs? ”

The next best option in picking your perfect hue, then, becomes looking to other important factors, like your individual personality.

“Your personality is so important when choosing a hair color because your hair is the bow on top of who you are,” said Frédéric Fekkai, veteran hairstylist and founder of Fekkai brands. “You have to consider every aspect of your life from your physical features – face shape, underlying skin tone – to your daily routine – for example, do you rush in the mornings? Even what you do for a living can be helpful, as not many lawyers if any have pink hair. ”

Whether you’re a go-getter, risk-taker, or infinitely more low-key, this easy quiz will help you pinpoint which exact hair color is best for you according to your personality type. Between money piece highlights or “shadow roots” (and everything in between) there’s still much to choose from – but it definitely beats a coin toss, every time.

You just woke up. What’s the first thing you do?

Pick out my outfit. Obviously.

Brush my teeth or go to the bathroom.

Nothing specific, maybe scroll through Instagram, respond to texts. . .

Make a pot of coffee. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.

Write down everything I thought about during the night or something that inspires me.

What life motto best resonates with you?

“Work hard, play harder. ”

“Do what scares you. ”

“The journey is the reward. ”

“Less is more. ”

“Leaders never follow. ”

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to hair color?

Grown-out roots.

It always feels too boring!

Monthly touch-up appointments.

Pet peeve? Sometimes I forget I even dyed my hair.

That I can only pick one from my Instagram mood board.

What’s the #1 priority you want in a new hair color?

That it’s easy to upkeep.

That it’s FUN.

That it looks polished and professional but classic.

That it’s different from anything else I’ve tried before.

That it feels like “me. ”

Last one. How often do you change your hair?

I’m always changing my hair.

Not very often.

I’ll usually change my hair at the start of a new season.

I like to change it up when I remember.

I go to the salon a lot, but I usually stick to my same shade.

Hair Color to Try: Single or Double-Process Color

Because you’ve got your iCal down to a science, you can pull off something that requires a little more upkeep, like a single or double-process color. Think: the trendy copper or red hair color, bleached blond, or even more intricate foiled highlights. The one common denominator: it should be polished, classic, and work just as well with your power suits as it does a floral ensemble.

“For someone with a type-A personality, I would recommend something very simple and classic that’s meant to polish a style more than be a statement piece,” said Fekkai, adding that your colorist can help you choose the exact hue depending on your skin’s undertones and your preferences. “Look for something easy and elegant like a neutral color or highlights that enhance their base color. ”

Hair Color to Try: Balayage

Low-key in most aspects of your life, you’re someone who likes to roll out of bed and start the day, can’t be bothered to apply anything more than a swipe of mascara, and wouldn’t be caught dead at a monthly hair touch-up appointment – the latter being why you should opt for the simplest hair-color technique.

“For anyone more laid-back and low-maintenance, I would suggest balayage,” said Fekkai. “Hand-painted highlights are the most natural approach to hair color and don’t create any harsh lines, making them the easiest to maintain. ”

Since balayage typically starts further away from the roots, it also makes for a softer grow-out effect. (You know, in case you “forget” to hit up the salon for a few months. )

Hair Color to Try: Jewel or Pastel Tones

You’re the opposite of risk-averse, meaning you’re in the position to try as many cool hair colors as you can in your lifetime. “For anyone creative I say: think outside the box,” said Fekkai.

Some of his personal favorite recommendations trending right now? “Fantasy” colors (like bright pink, purple, pastels) or creative highlight placements (think: dipped ends or the “drenched” hair color trend). “For example, have the roots to mid-length one color and the ends another brighter tone,” he said.

Hair Color to Try: Money Piece Highlights

You knew the moment your crush complimented your chunky Steve Madden platform sneakers in fifth grade that you were destined to be a trendsetter in life. Fast forward to today, and your ability to spot the “next big thing” is still uncanny as ever – which, according to Fekkai, when it comes to hair color, is “bold, face-framing money piece highlights. ”

This look is typically defined by lightened pieces of hair strategically placed around the face, but if you want to take the trend the extra mile, don’t stop there: ask your colorist for “reverse” (aka chunky) highlights throughout your entire head.

Hair Color to Try: Shadow Roots

Your energy tends to read more “go with the flow” than “regimented,” which means you need an equally lax hair color to match that vibe. Shadow roots – which, according to NYC-based colorist Stephanie Brown, are defined by balayage that starts an inch (or more) from the roots – spotlight your natural grow-out on purpose and blend in with the rest of your lighter hair, meaning you’ll only need to book a touch-up appointment when you remember.

Even better? “Shadow roots work on any highlighted look – brunette, red, blond, or even platinum without highlights,” she said. “Just make sure your stylist tones your roots after they have been highlighted close to your natural base for an easier grow-out. That makes everything blend together. ”

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