Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint is the only black lipstick you need for Halloween

Everything Fenty Beauty releases arrives with a much-deserved air of excitement. First, it was the inclusive shade range and *that* gold highlighter that set the beauty world alight.

Stunna Lip Paint in Uninvited, £19, Fenty Beauty

Then, it was the Stunna red lip that proved universally flattering and endlessly enduring on the lips. The latest Fenty frenzy has been around the four new shades of Stunna Lip Paint, and most notably, a jet black hue that looks unapologetically badass (as well as arriving just in time for Halloween makeup).


Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor


I’ve only recently begun to embrace lipstick (it took me an entire ten years to shake off the whole concealed lip look of the 00s) and even then, I’m very much a ‘pretty in pink’ type of woman. If I’m feeling particularly ballsy, I’ll go for a matte red. So, to say that black lipstick is *so* not my vibe would be an understatement. Nonetheless, in Fenty Beauty we trust…


Just like the entire Fenty Beauty range, the packaging is perfection. Considered, well-crafted but chiefly functional; the tapered, matte black handle is long enough to give a good grip and the applicator wand is hollowed slightly at the tip to hold more product – no double-dipping here! Alongside the practicalities, the packaging looks cool and it’s even glow in the dark (why, I don’t know, but I’m into it).

The curve of the applicator tip also gives a good outline along the lip line and can be perfectly stamped onto the Cupid’s bow to get that precise finish.

As for the formula itself, I was relieved to find that it was far more forgiving that the usual paste-like consistency of liquid lipsticks. Plus, it’s not as quick-drying, meaning there’s a lot more time to play around when applying, which is important for a relative novice like me. The only draw back was it meant that I had to apply two coats in order to get a really impactful colour (with black lips, you go hard or you go home).

The wearability is impressive. The formula felt almost invisible on my lips, supremely comfortable and not at all drying. As for the colour pay off – I wouldn’t say it’s a true black. It’s got a blue undertone that makes it more fashion-week-chic and less Camden market circa 1998. Plus, the blue makes your teeth look whiter, which is no bad thing.

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