July 15, 2024

Feet in hand

In Europe, combining several cosmetic procedures is a common thing. Time – an hour for a manicure, a half for a pedicure – is not always enough. In Moscow, too, long ago learned to indulge at once several parts of the body and even do at the same time styling.

Combining the procedures does save time. But, on the other hand, going to a cosmetologist for our women is a source of pleasure, and time in this case is usually not appreciated. But not always – for example, before holidays it is necessary to pay attention to such an opportunity: pleasant sensations and result are preserved, and extra one and a half hours are very valuable.

In Novosibirsk, joint procedures were held in the salon “Sante Aesthetique”, but have now temporarily ceased. There is a combination of manicure and pedicure in the salon “Mata Hari”, where it costs 1,250 rubles. In the salon “4 hands” such exercises are the title. The cost of joint pastime consists of the price of manicure (350 rubles) and pedicure (classic 700, hardware 850) and is a maximum of 1200 rubles.

For the duration of the procedure, they are seated in a massage chair and are offered to determine the type of manicure and pedicure. The more you cut, the more it grows – this formula applies to the edged, or classical, pedicure. If there are no large corns, calluses, keratinized skin areas, then cut the skin is not worth it.

In the case where the skin does not require strong changes, just care is needed, but when there are sores, cracks, painful calluses on the skin, a pedicure is recommended. Its difference is that water and maceration are not used, skin is not trimmed.

A special apparatus, similar to a dental drill with different tips, is processed and polished around the skin around the nails, then the dead parts are removed by the machine in the area of ​​the feet, which is pre-coated with a softener acting only on keratinized tissue.

The instrument for pedicure is generally similar to the instruments of the dentist – tongs, hooks for processing nails, attachments to the boron machine. But the sensations, of course, with the same force it is pleasant, with which the drilling of teeth is repulsive. True, a bit ticklish.

The advantages of hardware pedicure:

  • • bloodless and safe;
  • • painless removal of calluses (drilled, without touching the skin around the corn root);
  • • A new layer of keratinized skin grows slower and less.

• costs more than the classical;
• It can damage the brittle nail plate.

Disgraceful, or European, manicure differs from the one that used to be the only one in our salons, edging, in that the cuticle is not removed, but is removed and reduced. Suitable for people who have thin cuticles and fragile capillaries, it is best to apply it to those whose cuticle does not have time to be cut from perennial circumcisions, but even in this case it is possible to bring the skin around the nails to the natural state.

For the beginning the nails are filed, then the cuticle is applied with an emollient, it easily removes the accumulated horny skin and the cuticle itself is moved away from the nail, which prevents the appearance of burrs. But it is because of the burrs, which all the same arise from time to time, without tweezers can not do – most often manicure combined.


  • • non-traumatic and bloodless;
  • • gives a more natural look to the nails.


• Suitable only for thin cuticles.

After the treatment of the nails and the skin, a coating is applied. If you plan a color varnish, you must use the base, otherwise the nail can turn yellow, warns the master. The covering on the nails of the feet dries slightly longer and it should be fixed stronger than what is on the hands, so that it is not damaged by tights or shoes. Just in case, on the nails with a coating drip the drying agent and on top the nail oil that creates the film.

The pedicure lasts a little longer than the manicure. The whole procedure takes an hour and a half, during which time you can drink a couple of cups of tea and go through two sessions of kneading your back on the massage chair. All together, of course, raises the mood, and this is half the case, after which we go to beauty salons.

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