Fearless women are using the #flawesome hashtag to celebrate their insecurities and we are so here for it

Instagram is fast becoming the best space to celebrate body positivity, natural hair movements and beautiful skin markings.

The latest social media trend to sweep the platform is pretty damn awesome. In fact, it’s #flawesome.

Women are using the hashtag to celebrate things they were once insecure about – and we are totally here for it.

The movement was kick-started by US social media star, Tesia Kline, who accidentally took a photo when she was preparing to pose for a shot. Rather than scrap it, she chose to share what she deemed to be an unflattering snap with her 95,000 followers.

She shared the photo beside a snap with ‘good’ lighting. She fearlessly captioned the image: “my legs” and “also my legs”.

She also hailed herself and her followers ‘FLAWESOME from every point of view’. Her followers lauded her for her honesty, with plenty of them hailing her ‘inspirational’ and ‘real’.

Since then, the term has been turned into a hashtag and blown up across Instagram. Perfectly summing up the phrase, one social media user wrote: “Flawesome: when you embrace your flaws and still know you’re awesome.”

Here are some of the badass ways women are using the hashtag to celebrate their looks in the best way…

{ Flawesome } adj. – someone who embraces their flaws but who knows they’re awesome regardless. Pretty cute, right??. . Can I share a secret with you? I don’t really think I’m all that flawesome because, let’s face it – isn’t it easier to come up with something that sounds cool and that people might like instead, as you try and hide behind the allure of “cute”? This is what I did and have done. Too many times.. . Here’s the truth; we all have flaws and we all ARE awesome in our own ways. So in all honesty, we ARE flawesome! (I know, stick with me…) It isn’t until we (I) realize that embracing my imperfections instead of reaching, grasping failingly at perfection was always never going to get me anywhere and that I’d be so much happier just being me.. . Well, my friend, here I am. This is me, in all of my imperfect glory that I was meant to be.. . Welcome to the club of #flawesome. I’ve been waiting for you! ????. . Share something flawesome about yourself down below ?? Let’s celebrate each other’s flawesomeness!

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