April 13, 2024

Faster service leads to better reviews and happier customers

Given this “on-demand” reality, it’s no wonder that we can feel a little impatient sometimes. And when you’re a business owner, it’s your customers who are the eager ones.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that faster service can lead to happier, more satisfied customers – the kind that give your business a high rating on Yelp.

We found that reviews that mention “fast”, “quick”, “prompt”, or “speedy” are consistently rated higher. And on the other side, reviews that mention that the service was “slow” tend to be rated closer to 1 star.

The need for fast service is not the same across all industries

But just how much impact does fast service have on your business? Well, that depends on which industry you’re in. For example, do you manage huge sums of money for your clients? They’d probably prefer you make the right calls, rather than quick decisions.

But when it comes to IT and computer repair, speed is the name of the game. And that makes sense. Most of us can hardly tolerate it when a website fails to load or our emails are inaccessible for a few minutes.

Take a look at the data below to find out how important speedy service is to your industry.

The Industries Impacted Most by Service Speed
Difference in Yelp rating for reviews that mention fast service vs. slow service

Slow Service Reviews*

Average Rating

Fast Service Reviews*

Think of ways to deliver your product or service faster

While there’s some variance across industries, the verdict is clear. People have a need for speed. They’ve come to expect it. There’s even evidence that customers appreciate fast service over quality. Among 5-star reviews for restaurants, we found that “fast service” was mentioned 4 times more than “great taste. ”

The takeaway is also clear. It’s a good idea to continually invest your energy and resources into delivering your service or product faster and faster. Not only can this help you increase your profit margins, your customers will thank you for it. And they might help you bring in more customers by spreading the word about your business with a positive review.

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