June 21, 2024

Fashionable things: it’s time to get married

For a modern girl, marriage, as a rule, is no longer the crown of ambition and the meaning of life – but, honestly, few people treat the wedding as a formality.

The charm of the rustling lower skirts and veils is secretly succumbed even to the girls who flaunt the love for tough negotiations, fast driving and army boots.

In the end, in life there will hardly be another chance to put crinoline on. The stores say that, despite the diversity of modern fashion, lush dresses, like those of a princess, remain the most desired wedding product.

SHE also chooses traditional dresses that embody the maiden dream of a gilded carriage and a retinue of maid of honor, and dresses “not like everyone else” – from retro-siluettes and mini to coral attire for the sophisticated.

Carmen. Milky scarlet dress “Magnolia” with a corset, embroidered glass beads and artificial pearls, and a tulle skirt. Ukraine. 27 000 rub. ,Lorange

White angel. Beaded dress made of taffeta, with a shallow neckline on the back. Fashion designer – Anna Tulina, Russia. 23 000 rub. ,Mi Lady

Honeymoon. Model “Zlata-Lux” from the collection “Wedding Waltz” design studio Papilio. Atlas and gold lace. Belarus. 19 320 rubles. ,Fleur

A dream in a summer night. A bustle made of taffeta with mesh and lace embroidered with beads. Belarus. 24 499 rub. ,Margarita

Ocean is shaking. Slightly elongated bodice, embroidered with artificial pearls. Ukraine. 27 000 rub. ,Lorange

Blue light. For a very delicate girl – a dress made of gas cloth with pale flowers, drowning in a snowy glow. Ukraine. 27 000 rub. ,Lorange

Gypsy wedding. Theatrical dress for passionate nature. Gas skirt, lace corset with gold trim, decorative tail. Ukraine. 27 000 rub. ,Lorange

Coral. A dress that will look amazing against the background of the park and other nature. Model “Coral” from the collection “Poetry of crystals” design studio Papilio. Silk shantung and lace chantilly. 32 300 rub. ,Fleur

Marlene Dietrich. Dress with a train of lace embroidered with a glass beads, medium depth on the back. Music and other wedding accessories can be stylized under the 30s. Ambra Sposa. Italy. 65 000 rub. ,Mi Lady

My big Greek wedding. Dress of antique silhouette of chiffon, straps from behind are tied with a large bow. Medium-deep cut on the back. Belarus. 22 000 rub. ,Margarita

Mermaid. A dress made of duches fabric, dubbed with lace, embroidered with beads and bugles, an actual “mermaid” silhouette with an open back. Russia. 26 000 rub. ,Margarita

Sculptural form. A dense dress of milky color, covered with lace, embroidered beads, decorative trail. Ukraine. 18 000 rubles. ,Lorange

Nymph. Mini dress made of taffeta with handmade flowers by designer Natalia Romanova. Russia. 7500 rub. ,Vivaldi

Retro. A dress without any adornments, from taffeta and natural lace, for the admirer of Audrey Hepburn and the style of the 50’s. Fashion designer – Tatyana Kaplun, Russia. 22 500 rub. ,Vivaldi

The birth of Venus. A simple white dress with splashes of artificial pearls and glass beads. Italy. 33 000 rub. ,Margarita

Mamma Mia! Silk dress warm ivory with a train and a shallow neckline on the back. Designer – Justin Alexander, England. 42 000 rub. ,Mi Lady

Innocence itself. Model “Lavender” from the collection “Paradise Garden” design studio Papilio. Satin, chiffon, lace, beads, sequins. Belarus. 35 880 rub. ,Fleur

A gentle empire. A dress made of natural chiffon, delicate and very pleasant to the touch, sewn with beads and moonstone. A long train. La Sposa, Spain. 47 900 rub. ,Vivaldi

A romantic impulse. Model “Lada” from the collection “Nymph” design studio Papilio. Chiffon and chantilly lace. The deep cut on the back is partially covered with lacing. 43 900 rub. ,Fleur

Fairy. A dress made of satin with a lace cape and a low neckline on the back. Russia. 25 000 rub. ,Margarita

Aphrodite. Dress with an antique silhouette made of silk, embroidered with beads and rhinestones. Fashion designer – Irina Lux, Russia. 15 800 rub. ,Vivaldi

Women’s happiness. Model “Magnolia” from the collection “Garden of Eden”. Three-piece dress – a skirt, a corset and a transparent vest on the lacing behind from taffeta-corrugated and lace, beaded. 53 820 rub. ,Fleur

Rococo. A dress made of tulle, lace and taffeta with a train and a middle depth cut on the back. Sincerity, England. 34 000 rub. ,Mi Lady

Wedding of a rock star. In front – a mini skirt made of lace, behind – “tails” of tulle. The legs are open – the back is closed. “Dragonfly”, Belarus. 20 000 rub. ,Mi Lady

The capricious princess. Model “Milena” from the collection “Nymph” – soft tulle, lace and satin silk. 33 100 rubles. ,Fleur

Hollywood. Classic wedding genre of crash-taffeta and lace, embroidered with beads and rhinestones. Fashion designer – Irina Lux, Russia. 35 000 rub. ,Vivaldi

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