June 19, 2024

Fashion trends lead the brides away from the traditional traditions

A wedding for any woman is an event long awaited and trembling. And the choice of a wedding dress even though it gives a lot of trouble, but even more involves a woman in the state of anticipation of the most important in the life of the holiday, which will be able to manifest all of its beauty and uniqueness. And wedding fashion is strongly encouraged.

A wedding for any woman is an event long awaited and trembling. And the choice of a wedding dress, although it gives a lot of trouble, but even more involves a woman in anticipation of the most important in the life of the holiday, which will be able to manifest all of its beauty and uniqueness. And wedding fashion is strongly encouraged.

Over the long years of existence, the bride’s attire has undergone all kinds of changes and has been influenced by the politics, economy, traditions and customs of a particular country. And in general, as a separate kind of costume, the wedding dress began to exist only in the XX century – before the bride wore just the most beautiful and expensive dress from her wardrobe.

Today, the process of choosing a wedding dress opens a huge space for creativity and self-expression – this can be considered the main trend of this year. The wedding fashion is imbued with a sense of freedom and welcomes all sorts of experiments, it renounces universality and seeks to emphasize the individuality and beauty of a particular bride.

Nevertheless, despite the huge variety of wedding dresses, there are several trends: some continue their development from previous years, and some were born only this year.

1. Find your color The

color decisions in choosing a wedding dress are becoming more bold. In this sense, the wedding fashion seems to have absorbed similar traditions of the past centuries: the bright green and orange colors of the Middle Ages, the golden color of the Baroque era, the silver and silvery-pearly tones of the Rococo era, and even the black elements on the wedding dress that came from 16th-century Germany.

All the shades of cream, beige, gold, pink entered confidently. In this season, the colors of champagne (or “ivory”) and ivory are especially popular. Also popular are combinations of two colors – burgundy and cream, white and delicate pink or red, white and golden colors. Thus, a bright color often frames the main color or is present in the form of inserts in a skirt or corset.
Completely new in this season was the “marine” color theme – dark blue, turquoise, cornflower blue in combination with the main light color.

Wedding salon “Dana”: a one-piece turquoise dress made of natural taffeta with a train, with an open back, straps are embroidered with Swarovski crystals, and a lacing on the back. The price is 60 000 rubles.

Wedding salon “Art podium”: a one-piece dress in the style of “princess” in color “aquamarine” with a very lush skirt from the net, lace applications, embroidered with beads, Swarovski crystals. The price is 35 000 rub.

2. History in detail

If the style of the wedding dress is difficult to surprise today, then that only does not occur as jewelry on it. Pearls, pearls, sequins made by hand silk or chiffon flowers, embroidery – this is not all that designers offer to brides. Wedding fashion today is inclined to inlay dresses with small lenses, intricate patterns in the form of a grapevine and gentle sparkles, which could not be met a few years ago.
The decoration of the bodice of the wedding dress in this season is given special attention. Embroidery with the finest gold threads, ornaments from the smallest metal details add to the wedding dress originality and reflect all the magnificence of the silhouette of the bride.

Wedding salon “Vivaldi”: a dress in the style of “princess” with a corset and a lush skirt is decorated with hand-made silk flowers. The price is 41 000 rubles.

Wedding salon “Art-podium”: a dress in the style of “princess” with a translucent corset and a lush skirt made of spruce with a sputtering, on the skirt the assembly is decorated with a large artificial flower, lace inserts, embroidered with Swarovski rhinestones. The price is 35 000 rub.

3. Down with gravity!

Wedding fashion this year and especially the summer says “no” to heavy fabrics. The lace is leading in its various forms – lace corsets and bolero, lace in the form of appliqués on skirts or corsets and even as the main material for sewing a dress. Especially popular is the gentle French lace of chantilly. The inability of lace to hide the forms of the bride reliably makes him especially attractive, and the bride in him is tender and sexy.

Lace can be with luxurious hand-embroidered beads, paillettes, pearls, etc. Harmoniously it is supplemented by other lightweight fabrics – tulle, satin, taffeta, organza, chiffon, Spanish tulle. The owners of wedding salons note that dresses made of shiny natural silk began to appear for especially demanding brides.

Wedding salon “Vivaldi”: a dress entirely made of lace, with a train, embroidered with beads. The price is 28 000 rub.

Wedding salon “Dana”: a dress made of taffeta, a corset is smooth with thin straps, a skirt with drapery is decorated with small bows. The price is 18 000 rubles.

4. Return of the retro

Today, wedding fashion calls to demonstrate all the charms of his figure. For this reason, the model called “fish” or “mermaid” became very popular. Looking at it, you can recall the wedding of the 1950s-1960s. The bride in it resembles a diva in the retro style of the “old Hollywood”: a figure-fitting to the hips flowing skirt of flounces, like a flamenco dancer, or flare with a long train.

In such dresses a variety of open cutouts can be opened one leg. Most often these models are sewn with an understated corset and advantageously emphasize the back, waistline and hips. Very corsetes look very romantic and original, which together with the shoulder area are covered with a thin lace fabric – thus the neckline of the bride is very gracefully emphasized.

Wedding salon “Vivaldi”: white dress, flared down, decorated with lace, embroidered with beads and bugles. The price is 26 800 rubles.

Wedding salon “Art-podium”: dressed to the hips dress of color “ayvori” from satin with a decorative train, on top is covered with a thin lace, on the corset – assembly with embroidery, decorated with small rhinestones. The price is 18 000 rubles.

In addition, this year the bride becomes bolder and opens the legs – they buy charming short dresses. As the executive director of the wedding fashion salon “Dana” Slesareva Olga, if before the brides liked short dresses, but they did not dare to buy them, paying tribute to the tradition, but now they do not bother. Elena Potapyeva, the owner of the Yunona wedding salon, said that soon the wedding will take place at the bride, who in her salon ordered a dress with a length of 27 cm.

In general, today in the wedding fashion, a lot of options for modeling a figure are offered – everything that is needed will be underlined , and what is not needed – is hidden.

5. Tiaras instead of veils

The modern bride is becoming less and less meek. That is why the veil – the ancient charm of the bride from the evil eye, a symbol of chastity and purity, which came into the world even with the onset of Christianity – today loses its relevance. Much more popular are diadems, wreaths of real flowers or simply woven into the hairdress of fresh flowers or silk and chiffon.

The wedding fashion of this season does not approve all sorts of hairdressing “designs” on the head of the bride. Actually today, naturalness and naturalness are flowing curls with woven rhinestone or crystal threads.

Wedding salon “Art-podium”: diadems with beads, rock crystal – 2500 rubles. , With pearls – 1700-2500 rub.
A branch of artificial flowers with beads and sparkles – 380 rub.
Cost of a hairdress with an interlacing of alive or artificial colors – 1200-1800 rbl. (Depending on length of hair).

“On the whole, brides have become much smarter, more demanding and more selective in terms of fashion, modern trends, more often they order very unusual, even extreme dresses – to show themselves in them,” says Elena Potapieva from the Yunona showroom.

If you are going to get married this season, it remains for you only to rejoice, because in Novosibirsk in a huge number are presented both stylish inexpensive dresses and more luxurious. Elegance, openness, tenderness in combination with sexuality – this is what the bride should radiate in the summer season. And the designers of wedding dresses tried to have all the possibilities for this.

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