May 29, 2024

Fashion includes sunglasses with multi-colored frames and baroque patterns

In ancient China, women wore peaks from leaves to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and “fading eyes. ”In the Middle Ages, a semblance of sunglasses was made from the cuts of precious stones.

In the 20 years of the last century Coco Chanel (it seems, she introduced all that is in it now) offered to sunbathe and at the same time protect her eyes from the bright sunlight. In the 30s invented “aviators”, in the 50’s “chanterelles”, at the beginning of the XXI century, ophthalmologists were banned from appearing in the sun without eye protection.

Since then, the glasses take up more and more space on the face, and everything else – shape, color, decoration – changes according to the preferences of the designers. About them and recognized correspondent SHE.

Sunglasses almost immediately, as soon as they came into use, were not so much a protective device, as a means to decorate and attract the attention of others. A man wearing sunglasses looks impressive, it’s true. But glasses, like other accessories, and even, probably, to a greater extent, must clearly meet several criteria.

Points not only have to protect the eyes from the sun, but also to fit the shape to the face, in color to the hair, to match the general style. Today, own image is much more important than fashion and actuality, in the creation of which glasses, as an important addition, play an important role.

General plan and sharp squeak

But one way or another, fashion trends live and develop: “There is a fashion for glasses, as well as for any accessory,” Svetlana Zubova, merchandiser of Marmalato accessories store, is sure. – The rule of this season is to be bright, but restrained. This trend manifests itself in contrast to the matte and shiny, metallic luster and exquisite finish of the frame. ” In addition, the retro forms have not disappeared: “50-60s, a form of a la Woody Allen, glasses in the style of John Lennon – all this is not out of fashion,” says Marina Vasilieva, consultant of the optics salon “Look”.

World designers, leaving briefly in rest the form and materials, seriously engaged in color: the brightest palette of pure shades – yellow, turquoise, blue, emerald, red – is used to create frames of fashionable models.

What to do with such eye-catching glasses, how to combine? “The fashion for sunglasses should be organically combined with common trends,” explains Tatyana Murzina, director of optics salons Tamara. – Now bright colors are popular in everything, and they do not necessarily have to resonate with each other – for example, to bright blue points you can take a yellow bag and look at the same time in a fashionable and harmonious way. ”

Habitual glamor

But what to do to those who can not be in bright spots? As we have already said, today the emphasis is not on relevance, but on style: “Now there is no one-only fashion trend,” explains Tatyana Murzina. – Every year, the usual trends are popular: classic, glamor, sport, and plus to this designers offer something new, this time – a bright color. ”

In the usual directions, there have been some slight changes, especially with regard to the design of frames: “Finishing, despite the tendency” brightly but with restraint, “is rich and diverse: rhinestones, mother-of-pearl and pearls are used, one of the leading trends is openwork temples resembling forged ones baroque patterns, – explains Svetlana Zubova.

“Medallions with logos, inserted in the middle of the temples, are still popular, metallic applications that look particularly impressive on dark plastic do not go out of fashion. ”In addition, in matters relating to “eternal values”, such as classic or feminine-luxurious style, dark, deep colors, tortoiseshell color, imitation of animal skins or snake skin are popular.

Withstand blows

Remembering the passing beauty and fussy beauty, do not forget about health, all the same, glasses first of all should protect the pupils from the negative influence of ultraviolet radiation, and it becomes more severe every year. “Technologies always go ahead,” Marina Vasilyeva, consultant of the optical salon “Look”, is sure. – The usual optical plastic becomes stronger, more and more often polycarbonate is used for the production of lenses – an easy and extremely shockproof material.

” For recreation at sea or in the mountains, glasses with a polarizing filter film are provided, which does not let the gloss from the smooth reflecting surfaces. For the comfort of the eyes in urban conditions, a gradient is recommended – a smooth transition from dark to light tinted lenses, which, incidentally, almost no one any longer makes color – only black, brown, gray

Now about the most important – the cost. In some fashion stores – such as, for example, Mango – models of past seasons can be purchased for several hundred rubles.

Fresh imports in stores of accessories, such as Marmalato, where, according to staff, the protective functions are carefully checked, estimated at 790 rubles. up to 990 rubles. In Polaroid stores, new models cost about 3000 rubles. For the same amount can be found in specialized optical stores new glasses of not too well-known brands. Fashion houses, presented in the salons of optics, will not give their models for less than 10 thousand rubles, the price can reach up to 30 thousand, for example, for the models of the French factory Fred.

“The best make-up is sunglasses,” many stars seem to believe. Indeed, often sunglasses help to look spectacular, with a minimum of effort. But do not forget to raise the curtain while dealing with people. More and more often, in the rules of good tone began to appear notes about the inadmissibility of conducting conversation over visor from dark glasses. Be attentive!

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