Fashion includes caramel colors, tear-stained eyes and lipstick from the grandmother’s cosmetic bag

In the autumn the cosmetic bag immediately swells – after three months of summer minimalism in make-up, I want to try something new and bright. In search of a newcomer, the SHE correspondent has studied the most notable trends of the coming autumn.

However, they, as usual, relate more to the well-forgotten old. Everything has already been invented before us. That’s the makeup of this autumn inspired by the 70th and 90th years. And yet – seduces with chocolate, caramel and golden hints and hints: “Look me in the eyes.”

“Sunburn has long gone, as the vampire pallor has gone,” says the make-up stylist Lyudmila Bakulina. – From the skin of the face it is required to be perfectly even, healthy natural color.

The color of the blush should be as natural as possible, and with bright eyes or lips, there should be only a slight hint of blush. ” The same appeal to the naturalness, which is difficult to achieve in its impeccability, also touches the eyebrows. On the one hand, the “threads” bent in perpetual surprise remain in oblivion – and the eyebrows are quite wide. On the other hand, it seems that naturally the broad eyebrows should be surgically accurate: it is implied that the tweezers, the brush for combing and the soft light pencil are always ready for their owner.

“This season, the emphasis is, first of all, on the eyes”, – says top stylist Svetlana Dunaeva.

And the main and favorite toy in the cosmetic bag this autumn is promised not to be a liner and not ink, but shades of all kinds of shades of brown – from sand and amber to caramel and chocolate. Everyone chooses a suitable box in this confectionery shop. If the girls of cold color should pay attention to shades of beige and brown with a grayish tinge, a warm color-type can put a bold experiment with the transition from brown to orange-orange tone.

Dark coffee and chocolate shades of shadows this fall – this is called a “new black”.

For example, makeup with the effect of smoky eyes remains relevant, but instead of the more familiar black and gray, the stylist-make-up artist of the studio “Unison-Style” Victoria Panafidina recommends using shades of dark brown shades for him. “As for the texture of the shadows, they remain moderate this season-satin, silky-that is, not too shiny, but also not matte,” explains Mrs. Panafidina.

Natural skinny, beige shades of shades in combination with pinkish ones will be useful for delicately emphasizing the eyes in natural make-up, carefully depicting the “stripped” fresh face (and he, of course, never leaves the trend list of the season). “Pink shades for natural make-up – among the most relevant,” explains Lyudmila Bakulina. “So that they give freshness to the look, and not fatigue and soreness, they simply need to be combined with a gray or beige shade and applied not to the inner but to the outer corner of the eye.”

Evening make-up this autumn can be copied from my mother’s collection of ABBA clips: generously superimposed to the faded from this magnificence of eyebrows shining golden-amber shades – in combination with matte skin, pale natural shades of lipstick and flowing soft waves of hair. In a word – everything, as in the 70s.

Against the backdrop of this diversity of autumn colors, mascara can claim only a modest secondary role.

This applies to the evening golden makeup, where an excess of carcass will turn you no longer into a disco diva, but into a transvestite from her dancers – and make-up of the day. “The 1990s have returned to fashion, which means that we widely apply shades of brown, terracotta, and do not color the eyelashes actively,” explains Viktoria Panafidina. “It’s like the easy effect of tear-stained eyes.”

Given the emphasis on the eyes, it is more modest to be lipsticks: we choose beige, caramel and gently coral shades. “Glossy shine finally left, for lipsticks are actual naturally wet or matte textures”, – recalls Lyudmila Bakulina. 

However, there is also an opposite trend that has been holding for a couple of years: a retro image with pronounced eyebrows, matte skin, naturally accentuated eyes and dark, succulent berries lips. “Bright lips have been actively promoted for two years,” explains Viktoria Panafidina. “Everybody comes to us and will not reach us at all: they are already out of habit, and it’s not easy to decide on such a lipstick with unaccustomed use.”

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