April 12, 2024

Fans Think Kim Kardashian Received a Telling Birthday Gift from Pete Davidson

What are fans for if not to endlessly scour your social media for clues that you and your ex may secretly be getting back together?

Kim Kardashian is the latest to fall prey to amateur social media detectives, who are speculating that she and ex Pete Davidson might be heating up again after the Skims founder shared pics of her birthday arrangements on her Instagram Story. Among the dozens of bouquets of white and pink roses was a single Diptyque candle. The fragrance? Jasmin. She captioned the image with a single white heart emoji.

As a refresher, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson first met on Saturday Night Live in 2021, where the two starred in a sketch together as Aladdin and…Princess Jasmine. A few months later, the couple confirmed their relationship. For nine whole months, our feeds were flooded with PDA pics and allusions to the pair’s sexual chemistry, before it was confirmed in early August that they had broken up for good.

An anonymous source told People at the time that the break up was mutual after their initial spark had cooled. “They had discussed ending their relationship for a bit,» said the source. «It wasn’t sudden. And it was a mutual decision. Getting back together is not in the cards right now. ”

If you’re in the market for some conspiracy theories, there are plenty on Reddit that even a Swiftie may raise an eyebrow at. Some speculate that the pair never actually broke up, and that they were simply faking a split to dodge publicity around their relationship. Others think Davidson may have sent flowers as a friendly gesture between exes.

Some even support the most logical conclusion, which is that all of this is conjecture, the flowers aren’t from Pete, and Kardashian should just be allowed to enjoy her Jasmin-scented candle in peace.

Noticeably, in follow up posts on her Instagram Stories Kardashian had (perhaps strategically? ) placed product in front of the candle, so that only the “JAS” part of the label is visible.

Meanwhile, since leaving the cast of SNL last season, Davidson has had a full plate, career wise, filming back-to-back projects. Plus, given his reputation, we don’t imagine he’ll have a hard time moving on to his next relationship whenever he’s good and ready.

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