Famous Russian clothing brand represents a new collection

The Russian company Pelican has been working in the fashion market for the seventh year. The idea of ​​the brand is a fundamental rejection of gray and dull colors, uncompromising brightness, giving a sunny mood for the whole day. 

This is fashionable clothes for women with different tastes and style preferences. In addition to women’s, Pelican also produces clothes for men and children. In Novosibirsk, the brand is represented in the network of Pelican brand stores.

Pelican works in fast-fashion format, carefully studying all the world trends in fashion, choosing from them the most promising and adapting them to the peculiarities of the Russian market. In other words, it makes fashion affordable, offering customers clothes at affordable prices. The result of this work is 4 collections of clothes per year. At the same time, prints do not repeat, and collections retain their main quality – brightness.

Actually, brightness is the first and most significant feature distinguishing all models of clothing from Pelican. In this sense, the brand is really not for everyone: the fireworks of Pelican paints are designed for emotional positive people who do not want to hide their character behind the boring clothes of low-key colors.

The second feature of Pelican is the use of natural materials. In production only cotton fabrics are used. At the same time, Pelican is annually tested and certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Switzerland), confirming the highest quality of the materials used.

Pelican basically “does not flirt” with the dimensional ruler and does not change the correspondence of the sizes, adjusting all the models exclusively to the popular among the designers of the “skinny” type of the subtle girls. Therefore S in Pelican is always 42-44 Russian size, and when buying a thing, for example, the size of M, you can always be sure that this is really M, not S or XL. Most models are presented in the most popular sizes – from XS to XL.

If to speak more specifically, the collection of Fashion from Pelican – these are three thematic areas for customers who love a feminine romantic style, an eclectic ethnic or casual with elements of sport stylistics. The collection is designed in such a way that the customers could easily pick up a set of “top + bottom” and did not suffer with the problem “What should I wear with this blouse?”.

Now in the stores of the Pelican network the spring collection is presented. Lovers of romantic feminine style will surely like the set – the original cut tunic with a neck, a playful neckline and sleeves in the net and leggings “three quarters” with a discreet but original finish along the edge. Such a set will cost 1390 rubles.

It is worth paying attention to the feminine skirt-balloon with a thin band-braid, tied in several rows. With such a skirt, the T-shirt with an intricate floral ornament and monophonic contrast-red sleeves, creating the effect of putting it over the bolero, will look harmonious. The skirt costs 990 rubles., T-shirt – 630 rubles. Another nice little thing is a graceful mint color top with the effect of multilayeredness: from under the bodice looks like another shirt – with an original ornament. The top is well complemented with chocolate or black breeches with a laconic floral print on the pockets. Their cost is 1190 rubles., The top will cost 660 rubles.

Energetic and dynamic girls will definitely notice a t-shirt with a rainbow zebra. In addition to attracting the attention of the print in it there are also interesting elements of decoration: lateral darts and sleeves from the net. The price of a T-shirt is 590 rubles. And in addition to it you can buy lovely shorts of white or black color (690 rubles).

Fans of yoga will be delighted with the T-shirt with the print Relax, which literally encourages you to relax and distract from everyday problems. Well, in order to fully staff for training in the fitness center – sports cut trousers with bright stripes. T-shirt will cost 590 rubles, pants – at 1190 rubles.

Finally, lovers of ethnic style will also find something interesting for themselves. For example, a dress in the style of safari with a print that mimics the giraffe’s skin, and flamboyant orange pockets – 1290 rubles. Or an unusual model of jersey with an elephant print on the background of ethnic ornaments, a large hood and multilayer effect (810 rubles).

However, Pelican is not only outerwear. A special pride of the company and the love of regular customers is a collection of clothes for sleep and rest. Here everyone will find something for themselves: pajamas and homemade dresses with delicate flowers for romantic girls. Narochito infantile with heroes-cartoons or comic inscriptions – for mischievous and self-ironic. Finally, bright, like fruit fresh, sets, suitable, however, more for a fun pajama party than for a measured home rest. The cost of pajamas, depending on the model – from 500 to 1100 rubles.

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