July 17, 2024

Facial massage tools for sculpting, smoothing, toning

We know what you’re thinking: “you’ve already rounded up the best jade rollers to add to your collection”! But your facial massage tool options actually span way further than that.

Nowadays, there are tech-led options, gua sha tools, electronic facial toners, massaging facial wands and even anti-wrinkle eye massagers which will all work to amp-up that skincare routine of yours.

In fact, it’s likely you’ll notice increased glow from the very first use – especially if you pair your facial massager with serum/oil/moisturiser, ‘cos it’ll penetrate products deeper into the skin and allow them to absorb better.

PS: don’t get us started on the stress-busting benefits of facial massage tools. They’re relaxing AF, allowing you to bring that spa-like experience right to your sofa and totally zen out. And let’s be honest: we could all do with a bit of that right now.

On the hunt for the best facial massage tools? Today, options are plentiful, so it can be tricky to know which to choose. But fret not! We’ve got the lowdown…

There’s an age-old skincare practise which can help soothe, sculpt and tone your face. It can alleviate tension in overworked muscles and work to lift your complexion. It can shift toxins and blockages, and even improve your skin’s ability to soak up your favourite facial serum. Are you interested?

Luckily, the technique we’re referring to is no secret. Used by numerous cultures many moons ago, the art of facial massaging migrated to America a few years back, before making its way onto UK shores. Now, the best facial massage tools have the ability to put you in the fast-track lane to sculpted, smooth, toned and flawless skin.

So which is the best facial massage tool for you? To be honest? It entirely depends on what you’re after. Jade rollers (this BeautyBio offering is great) will shift toxins and blockages, sculpting those cheekbones of yours and making your skin feel supple. Gua sha stones (like this one from Odacité) have a similar effect. Facial massage wands, like Sarah Chapman’s best-selling Facialift, will bring blood to the surface of your face and unravel tight muscles.

Or how about an electronic facial massaging tool, enhanced with vibrating technology? They’ll help your serums and hydrators-of-choice absorb into the skin, heightening their benefits and reducing signs of ageing. We’d recommend the NuFace mini facial toning device which was a Cult Beauty Haul of Fame award-winner this year, as voted for by Cult Beauty shoppers.

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