July 18, 2024

Face coverings have actually made lip fillers MORE popular

Surprisingly, however, most cosmetic clinics have seen a bigger boom in lip treatments than before the pandemic. “We have had a 30 percent increase in requests for lip fillers,” says Dr Tijion Esho, founder of The Esho Clinic.

“In fact, they have never been more popular. ”

Full, plumped up (and even over-inflated) lips have arguably been the signature look of the past decade, with celebrities and influencers alike pioneering the trend. As a result, non-invasive cosmetic clinics have enjoyed exponential growth in the number of clients seeking treatments, with dermal fillers fast becoming one of the most popular choices.

However, 2020 has seen face coverings become mandatory in most public spaces including on public transport and inside shops within the UK, and similar regulations have been implemented across the globe, so you might think that lip fillers would soon become a thing of the past. After all, why bother paying hundreds of pounds for a potentially painful lip procedure if you’re just going to cover them up?

Dermal fillers involve injecting a specific area to increase volume and alter the natural shape. They’re usually made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin. Thanks to its ability to store moisture, hyaluronic acid is responsible for giving skin a plump and hydrated look. However, like with any cosmetic treatment, there’s a certain amount of down time required afterwards.

“Now many people are working from home and if they go out they wear masks, so they can have the procedure without anyone seeing the swelling or bruising post procedure,” explains Dr Esho. “Prior to Covid-19, many working men and women were finding it hard to fit in time for recovery. ”

Chloe Laws, GLAMOUR Social Media Editor, was one of the people booking into her cosmetic clinic soon after lockdown lifted. “I didn’t feel myself after lockdown, my hair was all over the shop, I’d not worn proper shoes in months, and my everyday grooming had gone out the window – getting my lips topped up was the cherry on top to getting back to some sort of normality,” she recalls.

“Plus, lockdown gave my lips the chance to completely dissolve, and I could truly reflect on whether I wanted them again or not – it felt like a more considered decision this top up time, because I wasn’t just in the cycle of keeping up a facade. ”

For Chloe, as for many others, lip fillers are a subtle enhancement that makes a big difference to self-confidence. “I genuinely like how they make me feel – it’s such a small alteration, that most people don’t notice, but for me it makes the world of difference. ”

That’s not to say nothing has changed in terms of the treatments people are considering. “The increased usage of Zoom and mask wearing has brought more attention to tired eyes, and has made the appearance of the eyes, the skin around the eyes and the forehead more important in the minds of many of my patients,” says Dr. Olivier Amar, leading cosmetic surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Uvence.

“As a result, Uvence, a natural biofiller treatment which helps to smooth lines and revitalise skin, has developed an extensive waiting list at The Cadogan Clinic, and the popularity of traditional Botox and fillers has also increased. ”

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