May 19, 2024

Eyeshadow Looks Inspo For 2023 You Can Experiment With

We’re all for makeup uniform and go-to favourites that can be thrown on without a second thought, but fun eyeshadow looks can help mix things up and add some extra spice when you fancy doing things a little differently. You don’t necessarily need an occasion either.

It’s a new year, and we’re reclaiming joy, peace and fun, so is there a better time than now to show those glitter shadows and foxy-looking smoky liners a real good time? In fact, we’ve seen plenty celebs and TikTok babes casually wearing glitz and sparkle on a Tuesday afternoon like it’s no big deal — if they like it, we love it.

If you’re ready to up the ante, you’re in good company and spring/summer is a time to let your eye makeup shine. “This season, anything goes,” says celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolff. “It’s a great moment to really experiment. ”

Don’t fancy going full panto dame with the violet eyeshadow? No need. You could start with tiny departures from your usual routine – a cobalt-coloured eye pencil in place of black, or a pretty, sheeny shadow instead of the usual matte. Or you could try something a bit more adventurous, like high shine sparkle for daytime, smoky eyes in daring shades of olive, or stand-out accents like two-tone shimmer and megawatt metallics that you’d never normally wear casually.

That’s the beauty of this. By all means, go full head-to-toe glam with your corresponding outfit, but there’s something about pairing it with basics, like a white T-shirt or oversized sweatshirt and jeans that makes it feel more modern and relaxed.

Inspired? Here are the 23 best experimental eyeshadow looks to give a spin when you’re bored of the same-old:

Coquette Girl Eyeshadow

Coquette girl eyeshadow is all about soft berry hues, a delicate spider lashes for that cutesy feminine look. Add a twinkle of a lighter eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye to round up the look and add more dimension.

Ghoulish Girl Core

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