Experts say the ‘schoolboy brow’ is the best trend to try for a natural summer look

Benefit brow expert Lauren says the look is inspired by the likes of Perrie Edwards, who has been showcasing her naturally full, brushed-up brows on a recent summer holiday.

“Perrie’s ultra natural, full volumed and textured brows have turned heads this summer. The look is called the schoolboy brow; these brows look stunning and show confidence.”

My heart was smashed into a million pieces when Suman at Hershesons called to tell me my brow appointment was cancelled because Boris Johnson doesn’t deem close-contact beauty services safe enough (still bitter). Thankfully, he has decided they’re now worthy of reopening and praise bloody be.

If you’re looking for a brow trend to try now we’re finally allowed to tend to our face framers (mine currently resemble slugs), the experts at Benefit have declared ‘schoolboy brows’ the look du jour.

Lauren says the look, which is also championed by Hana Cross, will allow you to look groomed without trying to hard and will also enhance your eyes. We’re sold.

Obviously now that you can head to your local brow salon, you can ask for the trend there but if you’re struggling to get an appointment, or simply aren’t ready to head out into the world yet (we don’t blame you), Lauren has shared a really simple 3-step guide to getting the look at home.

Step 1 – Define

You can achieve these gorgeous bushy brows with a precise eyebrow pencil. You’ll need an ultra-fine eyebrow pencil that draws incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes perfect for creating natural definition. A precise brow pencil is the ideal brow product to build sparse brows, as we’re not all blessed with that level of brow fullness.

Step 2 – Add Texture

The next step is to add body and volume to the brows. Lauren recommends using Benefits Gimme brow + (which I can profess is the best in the biz). “This tinted eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hairs, creating natural-looking fullness.”

Step 3 – Fix and Hold

Finally, to ensure your brows don’t do a disparaging act, apply a long-lasting clear brow gel. “Choose a flexible, flake-free formula to lock your brow product in; you can even manipulate your brow direction in upwards motion to create even further width and fullness,” adds Lauren.

Now you’ve sorted your latest brow trend, check out the best eyebrow products to groom yours with and try this genius tweezer trick to keep them in check. Or, if you’re feeling confident, try this DIY threading technique as told by the brow experts.

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