Experts are telling us to ditch our conditioner ASAP

Exposed to the elements and ravaged by daily styling and frequent colouring, it’s no wonder your hair can end up frizzy, dull, and dry. Sad times.

But rather than give up on it and invest in a large collection of kooky hats, how about treating it to a little TLC – and we’re not just talking about your bog standard conditioner.

As controversial as it may sound, slathering conditioner on your ends may actually be totally futile. There, we said it. And we’re not alone; Jason Hogan, hair supremo at Josh Wood Atelier, says you should ditch your conditioner in favour of a hair mask.

A big old hug in a pot, a hair mask can revive and restore lacklustre locks with just one application, and – over time – turn it’s frown upside down. Jason believes everyone should be using a mask every single time they wash their hair.

He told GLAMOUR: “A mask has more of the active ingredients that your hair needs, especially for long or overly processed bleached hair. Hair with any sort of length in it is going to be so much older so will need much more attention.”

Explaining the ideal masking step-by-step, he said: “Towel dry the hair and bring the product through the mids and ends, use a comb or Tangle Teezer to ensure it is evenly distributed and each strand of hair is bathed in product – leave on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse well.

“If you do experience any kind of build-up, use a cleansing shampoo as it is always nice to refresh the hair. On limp or fine hair, avoid a mask and stick to a light conditioner or whatever your hair colourist recommends as hydrating and repairing masks are heavier and can weigh down fine hair – it will feel great but look limp.”

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We’re sold.

Want to channel your inner Rapunzel?

Time to start caring for your hair and scalp in the same way you care for your complexion. Your follicles will thank you!

No matter what your hair type, how much time you have, or how dire the frizz-factor, there’s a hair mask for you…

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