We tried Chanel’s new Le Volume Revolution Mascara beauty’s first-EVER 3D printed product!

You’ve probably heard a lot about how 3D printing is going to change the world, allowing people to access things they’d never previously been able to, simply by pressing ‘print’. Well, welcome to the future; Chanel is launching the first *ever* 3D printed mascara. And it’s as major as we had hoped it would be.

Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara, £28

THE REVIEWER: Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor

BEAUTY BIO: I have short, blonde lashes (despite being a brunette) and I’m always in search of a mascara that delivers long, lustrous, and dramatic lashes – minus any clumping.


I may be a sucker for pretty packaging but this mascara tube is beyond chic. It feels cool to the touch, almost like chrome, and has this spun-silk texture on the tube with the classic interlocking double ‘C’s on the top. I mean, beyond.

Right, down to the wand. The 3D printing allows for pin point precision due to its innovative ‘lace’ processing. This means the mascara brush contains honeycomb-like micro-cavities, not possibly to attain in the normal manufacturing processes. These tiny cavities hold the formula and deliver it onto your lashes in just the right dose, meaning even and powerful distribution that keeps on giving (no more double-dipping to get more product on the wand). The bristles are in perfect order down to the millimetre, perfectly combing the lashes to reveal next level volume.

The wand was chunkier than I had expected and the bristles were a lot shorter than anticipated but any doubts I may have had were immediately put to rest. Upon first stroke, the mascara gave my lashes a new lease of life. I had expected to have to keep going back in for more formula, as I normally do with my mascaras, but this wand just kept on giving. I managed to finish my eye without dipping it back into the tube once – which is unheard of for me.

The honeycomb bristle arrangement effortlessly separated each individual lash so you get that striking volume with absolute ease and, most importantly, zero clumping.

The length and the dramatic black finish I achieved with just one brush-load of product is something truly wondrous, as is the innovation behind the mascaras creation. Chanel, we applaud you.

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