Kris Jenner on the life-changing advice she gave Kylie

During cover shoot with Kylie Jenner, the momager of all managers, Kris Jenner, sat down with our Josh Newis-Smith.

Here, Kris talks about the advice she gave Kylie ahead of launching Kylie Cosmetics, how we can all do a little bit more to erase online hate (plot spoiler: it involves positivity) and some super cute early memories of Kylie and Kendall

Josh: When did you first realise that Kylie was so beauty obsessed?

Kris: Probably when she was a little girl, a toddler, because her and Kendall used to play with all my makeup, as kids do. I remember one time where Kendall cut Kylie’s hair off and they both came running into the room where I was in the kitchen and they were like, ‘Look what we did!’ They had been playing beauty shop. That’s when I realised they were going to be real girly girls. Although Kendall turned out to be a little bit of a tomboy, they both LOVE glam.

Josh: Did Kendall and Kylie used to watch you get ready when they were younger?

Kris: Yes, they did. It was cute because then I would come home a few hours later and some of my makeup would be missing, you know, they thought they were being really sneaky! Kylie was the lipstick queen, she was always playing with my lipstick and my makeup. Then as they got older, I had this makeup box and it would be consistently less full.

Josh: What was your initial reaction when Kylie came to you and said she wanted to start her own cosmetics company?

Kris: She was very specific, she just came to me and said, ‘I’ve got this all figured out, this is exactly what I want to do!’ Kylie didn’t just give me an idea, she gave me an entire marketing plan which was fascinating because she was sixteen years old. I thought this is unbelievable that this is your vision for what you want to do for your career.

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Josh: Do you think that is because Kylie grew up in an environment of strong powerful females it gave her the confidence to come up with the idea for Kylie Cosmetics herself?

Kris: Well I think just being in a big family and having so many strong siblings definitely set a path for her. She was very definite and consistent in what she wanted for herself and she wasn’t going to be distracted; she was very focused. I think that’s what was so impressive. When you have a lot of people in one big, huge ginormous family, you need to get it together quickly and be very on track with what you want to do with your idea. Every big decision has to be well thought out and she’d obviously given it a lot of thought.

Josh: What do you think you both learnt about each other from working together on the ‘Momager’ collection?

Kris: I learnt how creative she was, how focused she was and what a great businesswoman she is and continues to be. And how creative she is every single day; she’s a little genius. Kylie impresses me every day with ideas, her consistency and her drive. She will go into a meeting and seven hours later, I’ll go down and she’s still plugging away and think that is just amazing – I am so in awe of her every single day.
Josh: When you look back on the trajectory of Kylie Cosmetics, which do you think is your proudest moment?

Kris: I think the ability to come up with new ideas, these drops that she loves to do, and the kits. But I think my proudest moment was the first time she launched a lip kit and she was just so committed. She felt so sure about something and about what she wanted to do, and I think that takes a lot of courage. I said to her, ‘Kylie, you better be really sure about this decision because you’re using your own money, you don’t have an investor, this is incredibly brave. You better pick some lip colours you really like because it’s gonna be sold either very quickly or you’re going to be wearing this lip colour for the rest of your life!’ So, I just felt so proud of her, that was one of my proudest moments.

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Josh: Obviously social media has really helped the business propel and the family are masters of social media. Do you remember a point where social media first came in? Were you ever dubious about your daughters using it? Have you ever had any reservations about your children growing up in this social media age?

Kris: I think when social media first started becoming so relevant to this generation the person who taught me a thing or two about it was Kim. Kim really helped me understand how it can be used in a really positive way and have some fun with it. I think recently I’ve become a little disappointed with social media from the aspect that there can be some real bullies. I worry about my grandchildren growing up in a generation that can be so negative with the comments and anonymously criticising one another when I’ve always taught my kids to build each other up. So that is disappointing. But I try to look at the glass half full and focus on how positive it can be when your trying to create something or build somebody up, do positive things, raise money for a good cause, create attention for someone in need. You can have some fun on social media and interact and communicate with friends. The positive outweighs the bad.

Josh: What would you want to say to this millennial generation growing up in this environment and how to deal with comments they get on social media?

Kris: I think, just to stay strong, be positive, create goodness and I think if everyone tries their best to generate positivity, that it can really go a long way in making for a safe environment. And trying not to follow or pay attention to people who have really bad energy and are negative. That can cause a lot of stress and I think that if you can try not to look at the comments and some of the ugly things people can say, I think it’s helpful to create a better experience. I think at the end of the day, without many guidelines or boundaries, people can get a little carried away. I can’t in a million years imagine going on to somebody’s account who I don’t know and making an ugly comment and saying something negative. I come from a generation where if you don’t have anything nice to say, you didn’t say anything at all. But there’s obviously a lot of people out there who want to voice an opinion, no matter how much it hurts somebody else somebody else’s feelings. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have so much to offer one another and there are so many definitions of beauty. I think to share some positive thoughts and to make someone else feel good about themselves is a wonderful thing.

Josh: What do you think is best piece of advice you’ve given to one of your daughters?

Kris: The one I always believe in is: if somebody says no, you’re talking to the wrong person. Just keep trying and never give up.

Josh: What have you learnt personally by watching your children go on to have their own children?

Kris: What great humanbeings they are, how kind they are, how patient they are, how understanding they are and how much love they give. You have to remember how short life is and how many precious moments we all have to share and to enjoy each one.

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