Disney’s New Belle-Inspired Merch Collection Is a Sparkly Fairytale Dream

Step aside, Briar Rose Gold and Arendelle Aqua – Disney’s latest merchandise is all Belle Bronze, and boy, is it a beaut! On Dec. 8, the Disney parks rolled out a new Belle of the Ball Bronze collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast, and every single item is a shimmering fairytale dream come true.

There are two glittery spirit jerseys (one for Disneyland fans and the other for those who prefer Disney World), a sequined mini backpack, comfy leggings covered in bronze mouse ears, and, of course, a new Minnie Ears headband to add to your collection.

The Belle of the Ball Bronze collection is now available at Disney parks around the globe, and most of the products can be purchased online at shopDisney.com.

Ahead, scope out photos from Disney park visitors who’ve already snagged some of the shiny merch, and then keep reading to shop your favorite picks.

Before the New Year, Look Back on Your 2019 Love Horoscope to See What Came True

The new year is almost upon us, and that means it’s time for brand-new opportunities in different aspects of life, with love and relationships being a high priority for many of us. The people we spend our lives with romantically really impact our well-being and happiness, as finding that special someone can provide comfort, care, and support through life’s challenges. And that person also likely brings fun, laughter, and sweet little kisses to brighten your day.

However, on the flip side, sometimes romantic relationships end, making room for that new person to arrive within the coming year. The good news is the zodiac offers predictions to help us navigate our love lives in 2020. But before we look ahead, let’s look back to see what our 2019 horoscopes said and what ended up coming true. Reminisce about your 2019 love horoscope from astrologer Skye Alexander, the author of more than 40 books, including Magickal Astrology and The Modern Guide to Witchcraft, before your heart tackles 2020.

11 Trendy and Useful Gifts For People Who Just Really, Really Need More Sleep

2019 was the year when we all realized we needed more sleep, but not all of us actually got more sleep. If you’ve got a quasi-insomniac on your gift list (there’s one in every friend group), now’s the time to give them the present they’ll really cherish: some shut-eye.

Or, more specifically, one of these 11 trendy (but actually really useful) sleep tools. They’re designed to help us fall asleep, stay asleep, or sleep more deeply, a true gift for anyone with snooze-averse tendencies. With your help, your loved ones will be making 2020 their most well-rested year yet.

The Best Amazon Gifts For the Entertainer in Your Life

Who isn’t grateful for that friend in her life who hosts all the Super Bowl bashes, the Friendsgivings, the New Year’s Eve shindigs, the holiday extravaganzas, and the most epic birthday parties? All of the moving parts of throwing a get-together can be a logistical challenge – if you’re not outfitted with the right products to get the job done. Plus, of course, you need gorgeous decor to decorate the scene to help it all really come together.

That’s why we curated this list of all the entertaining and decor gifts you could possibly want for the host or hostess on your list who makes it all look so easy. Take a gander at the gems ahead, all available on Amazon.

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