Evil genius wraps friend’s gift up like Fort Knox, documents him opening it

If you’re going to buy a thoughtful gift for a close friend and then not wrap it in seventeen layers of wood, screws, epoxy, superglue and pure frustration – are you really even that close with that person? I mean, the hallmark of a good friendship is relentless pranking, right?

Imgur user thisusernameisavailable gets it. After purchasing a thoughtful Offerman Woodshop sweater to gift his bud, he decided to use life-proof wrapping paper and then document his friend’s frustrations while opening it.

“I wrapped my buddy’s present with wood, screws, and epoxy…”

“Previous episode: I wrapped his present last year with a jumbo roll of Gorilla Tape.”

“This year’s gift – a sweatshirt from Offerman’s Wood Shop. My buddy is a woodworker and is a huge fan of Mr. Offerman.”

“My ‘wrapping paper.’”

“Lining the box to protect the sweatshirt from the screws poking through.”

“Wrapped in plastic just in case the epoxy got messy.”

“So it begins… (pro tip – epoxy smells bad)”

“All sealed up.”

“Not the cleanest seal, but it got the job done.”

“A layer of epoxy between the layers of wood, secured with screws. On all four sides.”

“The front. I also realized that an extra layer of epoxy over the screws would add a personal touch.”

“The finished product.”

“Stuck the epoxy mixing stick on the box for memories.”

“A little epoxy left over sealed up the otherwise-useless latch. I like to go above and beyond.”

“The finished shot.”

“He started unwrapping it by melting the epoxy off with a blowtorch.”

“He was then able to access the screws to remove them.”

“Then he got frustrated and busted out the hammer and chisel.”

“The card was also from the Offerman Wood Shop.”

“I’m quite proud of myself. Next year? Welding.”

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