June 14, 2024

Everything you wanted to ask about plastic surgery

We want to dispel the myth that high-quality plastic is available to the elect. It is clear that the work of a qualified surgeon can not be cheap, therefore the cost of the operations in the clinic “Other rules” is comparable with the price in other clinics of the city. But, due to the fact that the clinic has its own laboratory base, its hospital, the patient can significantly reduce his expenses for preoperative examination and postoperative rehabilitation period.

What is better than rejuvenating injections or braces?

These methods do not exclude one another. Often they are used in a complex way. Such an alternative to lifting, such as rejuvenating injections, appeared not so long ago. Now people who for various reasons (anesthesia, postoperative period) do not want to do lifting, can get a significant improvement in appearance. But for a shorter time: injections give a result of 1 to 1. 5 years. The cost of the operation is comparable to the cost of a set of injections necessary to maintain the desired result. However, if 95% of patients can be injected, then lifting, the more profound, will not suit everyone. In each case, you need to select the operation individually.

How long will it take to rehabilitate after rhinoplasty and how much does such an operation cost?

At least 2 weeks to recover after surgery. The cost of such an operation is 35 – 40 thousand rubles. I note that this includes all the rehabilitation procedures required after the operation. In addition, you can take the tests and go through all the necessary examinations in our clinic. I think this can also save you the time you spend on vacation.

At what age can you plan an operation for a child to fix protruding ears?

After 5 years, you can do a correction of lop-eared. Moreover, even recommended to do such operations before the child went to school. After all, not infrequently protruding ears cause complexes and problems in children.

Can liposuction help complete people?

Liposuction is not a method of losing weight and fighting excess weight. To help such an operation can only those people who have localized excess fatty deposits. That is, only in certain areas of the body, as a rule, in women this is the area of ​​breeches, in women and men – the waist. Ideal candidates for obtaining the maximum result after the operation of liposuction are people without pronounced excessive weight, obesity, but with defects in the problem areas of the body.

After birth there were folds in the lower abdomen, although more have passed, how can they be removed?

To remove excess skin, plastic of the stomach will do. One year after the birth is enough to ensure that the skin is reduced as much as possible. Further, it is not necessary to expect that it will decline. As for the cost, plastic belly costs from 45 thousand rubles.

How safe are breast implants and is it true that they make early diagnosis of cancer more difficult?

Yes, this opinion existed before, and in many ways it was justified. But now there were also new ultrasound devices, and modern implants. Now even oncologists change their minds. As for implants, they themselves do not carry any danger. After all, before a company releases a product to the market, it undergoes a series of laboratory and clinical tests. In total, two companies – market leaders whose products are allowed to use both in the United States and Japan – are harder to control than in these countries. In our clinic “Other rules” we offer silicone implants of these manufacturers, the most modern and safe.

How safe is it to perform an operation on the face, for example, to tighten the lower eyelids?

What is meant by “safety”: complications from the health or deceived expectations of the patient about the ultimate aesthetic effect? To predict the development or absence of complications of a medical nature, each of our patients before the operation undergoes a thorough diagnosis, gives all the necessary tests. And the final decision on the operation is taken by the doctor only after a comprehensive assessment of the state of human health.

Fears, whether the patient’s wishes coincide with the results of the doctor’s work, the most frequent. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, the doctor and patient specify in detail what form of the nose (eye section) the patient wishes to see as a result. And if the future project is detailed, the risks will be minimized. The physician, for his part, should be not only as attentive as possible, but also truthful with the patient. For each patient, an operation suitable for him is selected. I note, incidentally, the percentage of so-called “medical errors” in plastic surgery is an order of magnitude lower than in dentistry or conventional surgery.

And how long does it take for an operation and how much does it cost?

If you do isolated only plastic eyelids, it will cost about 10 thousand rubles. It can be done on an outpatient basis, it is not necessary to stay in a hospital. And if you combine plastic eyelids with a facelift, then you will need to be 3 to 4 days under the supervision of a doctor. You will be assigned all the necessary procedures for a speedy recovery: massage, cosmetic masks. Such an operation will cost from 50 thousand rubles.

Is it true that if you start to do plastic surgery, then the effect will not be from them for long and the eyelids will again quickly hang?

No, this opinion is not true. The aging process is not accelerated because of the operation. And regularly do not have to. In some cases, the natural wilting of the skin on the contrary slows down.

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