April 19, 2024

Everything To Know About Hollywood’s New Scream Queen

Mia Goth will win an Oscar one day. I mean, surely, she has to! Even though award institutions don’t traditionally appear to celebrate the type of independent, horror-based films that the 29-year-old is known for displaying her best work.

2023, in particular, has been especially epic for the British actress, as two of her critically-acclaimed films have reached her native shores after receiving colossal praise from movie-goers and critics in the States.

The first is the slasher horror movie Pearl in which Mia plays the titular character who feels trapped while caring for her paralysed father on a Texas ranch in 1912 while being chaperoned by her strict and super-religious mother. Dreaming of stardom, she soon heads to Hollywood, but her life’s early repressions are soon drawn out in the sadistic side of her personality.

The Ti-west directed project, which was a prequel to the 2022 movie X, earned Mia rave reviews, with the New Statesman writing: «Pearl wants so badly to be a star. Part of the film’s pleasure lies in realising that Goth already is. » The Observer UK added: «Goth is riotously entertaining throughout, but two specific scenes, in both of which the camera rests solely on her face for an extended shot, capture the full force of her unnerving talent. »

Karwai Tang

That alone is a spectacular reception for an actress during one year, but Mia has had the opportunity to show off her talents in another recent movie called Infinity Pool. In the flick, seductively mysterious Gabi (Mia) guides a holidaying couple (Alexander Skarsgård and Cleopatra Coleman) to a world of violence and hedonism, which unfolds into tremendous horror for the pair.

Once again, Mia’s praises were sung, with Film Inquiry writing: «Gloriously unhinged, Infinity Pool is a visceral and chaotic dive into depravity cementing Mia Goth as our newest horror queen. «

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