Everyone should add a conditioner bar to their haircare arsenal to reduce their beauty footprint

Solid cleansers are raising the bar when it comes to eco-friendly beauty options. And rightly so! Not only do the package-free substitutes appeal to our inner eco-warrior, but the average shampoo bar will last approximately three times longer than its liquid counterpart. LOVE. IT.

With solid options to foam up everything from faces to hair, there’s no need to compromise on our cleansing routines….but what about conditioner?

For many of us, smoothing the lengths of locks with a moisture-boosting balm has become an essential part of our hair routine. It’s true, many shampoo bars also boast conditioning benefits, but without that final hair-softening step, showering just feels incomplete.

Habitual or not, we’re craving conditioner. So, does this part two of hair bars exist?

YES IT DOES! Beauty extraordinaire, LUSH, has once again answered our package-free prayers, as have a number of smaller boutique brands. Scroll down below to see our pick of the best.

Another option? How about trying a bit of conditioner bar DIY? This step-by-step recipe from Naturally Curly uses nourishing shea butter and argan oil. Plus, you can choose your own scent.

Argan Oil Conditioner Bars

Tools and Ingredients

• Saucepan with 2 in of water
• Craft stick
• Pint sized mason jar
• Quarter cup of BTMS 50
• 1 Tbsp shea butter
• 1 Tbsp cetyl alcohol
• 1 Tsp argan oil
• 1 Tsp apricot oil
• 1/2 Tsp DL panthenol
• 1.25 ml phenonip
• Essential oil(s)


1. Mix the BTMS, shea butter, cetyl alcohol, argan oil, and apricot oil in the mason jar.
2. Place the mason jar in a saucepan and heat mixture on a low-medium setting.
3. Make sure all of the ingredients are melted before turning off the burner.
4. Quickly add DL panthenol and phenonip and essential oils.
5. Pour conditioner into the silicone molds.
6. Allow the conditioner bars to become completely solid and then remove them from the mold.
7. Place it in a cool and dry place for around 24 hrs.

Pots and pans aside, here are our five firm favourites.

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